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From Ms Splosion Man To The Tax Break Hiatus - News Roundup 3rd December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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UK Gaming Tax Breaks On "Hiatus"

From Ms Splosion Man To The Tax Break Hiatus - News Roundup 3rd December 2010

The games industry represents an ever-increasing proportion of our economy, with our British studios arguably representing a thriving manufacturing industry in its own right. Gordon Brown's Labour administration originally proposed to extend tax breaks to homegrown UK developers and British-based arms of larger corporations in order to promote growth and foreign investment in the industry... but the current Coalition government recently decided to shelve the plans.

Further to this news, Culture minister Ed Vaizey confirmed that he will likely put these tax breaks on a "three or four year hiatus" during yesterday's Culture Department Select Committee meeting. This essentially means that we'll probably have to wait for the next general election for the issue to be put back onto the table. [Gamespot]

We have no political bias here at Dealspwn (apart from our overt affiliation with the Mushroom Kingdom and our glorious Combine overlords), but we'd love to get your take on the situation. Have your say in the comments!

Twisted Pixel Announce Ms Splosion Man

From Ms Splosion Man To The Tax Break Hiatus - News Roundup 3rd December 2010

The quirky veterans at Twisted Pixel have announced that they're working on a sequel to XBLA hit Splosion Man. Titled Ms Splosion Man (an interesting gender issue that I'm not going to touch with a barge pole), it's set for an Autumn 2011 release.

Twisted Pixel CEO Josh Bear confirmed that there was one major difference between the new protagonist and the original adorable maniac.

"Splosion Man has a penis, Ms. Splosion Man has a vagina."

Thanks for the anatomy lesson, Josh. Luckily there will also be new gameplay elements and a fleshed out cooperative mode. TP are also working on a mysterious new franchise with ex-Harmonix dev Dan Teasdale... and would like to revisit Comic Jumper if they "can add more sexist and racist things to it." [Thanks, Joystiq]

Their latest release, Comic Jumper, had an exciting premise yet oddly delivered less innovation than we're used to from the left-field studio. We're looking forward to a return to form.

Def Jam Rapstar Offering Recording Contract To "Britain's Best New Rapper"

From Ms Splosion Man To The Tax Break Hiatus - News Roundup 3rd December 2010

Our Gamescom preview of Def Jam Rapstar highlighted the impressive social networking aspects of the title that allow aspiring rap stars to upload their videos to be rated by the community. We were informed that numerous competitions for cash prizes and event invitations would be awarded to encourage fresh UK talent... but in a surprisingly epic turn of events, Konami have teamed up with Atlantic Records UK to offer a recording contract for "Britain's Best New Rapper."

Videos are viewed and judged by the Rapstar community- and the highest rated MCs will be invited to compete in "8 Mile style" regional qualifiers. The winners will proceed to a prestigious London final- where the best rapper will receive a recording contract for his first single.

We've seen fourth-wall breaking contests and integrated community functionality before... but with continual support, Def Jam Rapstar has the potential to become something very special indeed. The competition will begin in the new year and we'll keep an eye on the brackets.

New Bravia Contains Integrated PS2

From Ms Splosion Man To The Tax Break Hiatus - News Roundup 3rd December 2010

Yo, we heard y'all like PS2. So we put one... inside your TV!

Well, on the bottom anyway. Sony has rolled out a new 22 inch Bravia television that includes built-in PS2 hardware. The BRAVIA KDL-22PX300 runs in 720p (though won't upscale), can play PS2 games, is backwards-compatible with the original Playstation... and costs £199.

This is a thing that we want.

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Gunn  Dec. 3, 2010 at 16:41

TV is so gimmicky, but its not a terrible price for a 22" sony tv. I paid more than that for a 19" last year. It would just look better if it was fully integrated into the TV set and if it supported wireless pads.

ODB  Dec. 3, 2010 at 17:21

would be more impressive if they built in a PS3 instead

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