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MW3 Killstreak System Overhauled

Felix Kemp
Modern Warfare 3
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MW3 Killstreak System Overhauled

Killstreaks are an integral part of Call of Duty's ridiculously popular multiplayer component. The ability to summon radar-spawning UAVs, air-strikes, prowling choppers and even packs of rabid dogs is just one of the many reasons millions flock to each of Call of Duty's annual releases. However, that's all set to change now, as via his official Twitter feed, CoD community honcho Rob Bowling has confirmed Infinity Ward is changing "the entire way the killstreak system works".

Speaking on Twitter, Bowling reveals the killstreak system will be radically different in Modern Warfare 3. However, he wasn't willing to say much more, other than promising he would share details "when I can". Activision is hosting a big Call of Duty event in September, with prizes up for grabs for the best players. MW3's multiplayer will also be unveiled for the first time, so I expect further details on the new killstreak system will make their way online then.

But before then, what would you like to see Infinity Ward do with MW3's killstreak system? Killstreaks are rewarded when you tally enough kills without dying, and can be used in a variety of ways. Harriers can carpet-bomb portions of the map using an overhead targeting system, sentry guns can be placed in strategic locations, and with the likes of the chopper gunner or AC-130, you actually hop in the firing seat and man the death-machine from above.

It's a fun system, but it's not quite what you'd call refined. Matches can often devolve into killstreak orgies, with three or four harriers or helicopter prowling the skies, UAVs and Counter-UAVs going off everywhere, reducing the actually well-balanced gunplay system to a run-and-gun fest. I can see Infinity Ward upping the requisite requirements to attain killstreaks, maybe with a team-based score. As a team, you might have to score a certain amount of points together to bag yourself a chopper or air-strike.

Or maybe killstreaks are unique to each map. For instance, imagine if MW3 had an aircraft hangar map where you had to unlock the bay-doors to allow choppers and harriers to take to the sky. It could open Call of Duty up to much more variety, and ensure that players can't find hacks or unbalanced advantages, as the developers have total control of what happens in that specific space.

We'd love to hear from you, Dealspwners, on this one! [Twitter]

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craigjamieson88  Jul. 1, 2011 at 15:16

I'd love to see a system like that hangar system, but where the control base was set somewhere, not mobile like in MW2, and could be overhauled by killing the operator, to take control. That would make people more careful about using killstreaks, considering times to use them and such.


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