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Mx vs ATV: Reflex £19.99 @ Game [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Mx vs ATV: Reflex £19.99 @ Game [PS3 Games]MX vs. ATV Reflex’s attempt to combine the larger-than-life environments and insane stunts of an arcade racer with the intuitive control system of a simulator has gamers divided. And while this is a title which provides an absolute ton of content in terms of vehicles, customization options, tracks and game modes; it’s one which is also let down by an inconsistent physics engine and rubbish visuals – especially on the PS3. However tolerant gamers who happen to be massive racer fans will be pleased to know that plenty of thrilling and exciting moments can still be rinsed out of MX vs. ATV Reflex – so long as you’re lenient enough to look past the game’s various flaws.

You can now get hold of a copy for £19.99 from Game (a price which, despite being matched by Gamestation, is that little bit sweeter as Game offer a reward points scheme) and after that the price soars to a massive £27.85.

MX vs. ATV Reflex contains two distinct improvements compared to its predecessors. These consist of duel-stick rider control and track deformation. The latter basically provides a more realistic racing experience by causing the track dirt to shift around the track during races. Dirt  kicked up by your tires actually forms new mounds, and sometimes the displaced terrain can cause vehicles to lose grip. This is certainly a welcome improvement, but unfortunately, the game is still undermined by poor visuals.

Duel-stick rider control sees the player controlling their vehicle with the left analogue stick and the rider with the right, allowing them to lean into corners, lean back during jumps which, overall, allows the player more strategic opportunities during races. However, despite the fact this is all well and good, Reflex’s buggy physics engine can be maddeningly frustrating, especially when your vehicle starts insanely - and completely inconsistently – ricocheting off scenery. So despite the fact most of its concepts are great in theory, it’s the technical execution which sadly lets Reflex down.

Thanks to Kes74 from Hotukdeals.

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