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Namco Bandai Spill Some Early Beans On Soul Calibur V

Matt Gardner
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Namco Bandai Spill Some Early Beans On Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai revealed some early details regarding the next instalment in the popular Soul Calibur series at a press event in Dubai this morning. Project Soul's producer, Hisaharu Tago, sat down with Eurogamer to outline a few of the new changes and progressions the company is hoping to make with SCV.

He described the game's evolution of the series as pertaining to a 'generational shift', complete with new characters such as the main character, Patroklos - the 'sharper' and 'more agile' son of Sophitia - whose moves are heavily influenced by those of his mother.

Taking place 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV, Tago said that although some of the characters from the previous game will return, 'SC 1-4 was a continuous story' and Namco Bandai wanted 'to make a generational shift with the story this time'.

This shift will apparently impact on the style of play, with it looking like two-handed swords are to be abandoned in favour of short swords, with Tago explaining that the story will elaborate upon 'the enigma as to why the swords have become short swords'.

When asked to talk further on the shift in gameplay - the new style described as 'lighter, sharper and more elegant' - Tago replied by trying to allay potential fears from fans:

'Maybe the hardcore fans will be afraid that we lose the core of the gameplay, but that's not the case. And for new players it's nice to have gameplay that is more continuous – you don't need to wait as much between moves.

'There is quite some change in the gameplay from SCIV. The pace of the game has been improved, and the combos will be easier to perform, and the moves will be easier to pull out.'

Apparently there'll be a couple of guest characters tossed in there for good measure as well and the character creation system will be returning too, although Tago refused to talk further on the matter.

To be honest, whilst we're stoked for a new Soul Calibur title, there are a few things in here that make us a little wary, and we'd much rather see the series take its inspiration from the first two games rather than the more recent pair. But we shall learn more next month at E3.

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Robovski  May. 11, 2011 at 14:24

I'll be honest, I'll probably hget it once it is cheap to check out the play and boobage, like I did SCIV.

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