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Namco Bandai Suing CD Projekt Over Witcher 2 360

Felix Kemp
CD Projekt, Namco Bandai
The Witcher 2 | Xbox 360

Namco Bandai Suing CD Projekt Over Witcher 2 360

Here at Dealspwn, we greeted the news that CD Projekt was porting The Witcher 2 to the Xbox 360 with much cheering, fanfare and furious calendar revisions. Namco Bandai, however, were less than impressed. Having published The Witcher 2 on PC when it released in May, they're a bit miffed CD Projekt have opted to publish the Xbox 360 version with THQ and have decided to sue the company.

The CEO of CD Projekt, Adam Kicinski, revealed the news to Polish business spread, Parkiet, kindly translated by DSO Gaming. "As with most cases, we tried to end the dispute peacefully," he explains, in regards to the recent law suit Namco Bandai filed against his company. "Attempts failed and because of this, we hoped that our partner would send the case to court."

According to Kicinski, Namco Bandai's publishing deal which they agreed to concerned only the PC version, not potential console ports. "The records were carefully clarified to avoid any ambiguity," he said. He reveals CD Projekt approached the publisher over distributing the 360 port, but ultimately they went with THQ.

Along with the lawsuit, Namco Bandai have stopped sending payments to CD Projekt pertaining to retail sales of The Witcher 2. But according to Kicinski, the loss of "a few million" has not affected their ongoing plans. This sly dig was followed by a tactful comment from Kicinski, who hopes the conflict can be resolved with pre-litigation settlement. If not, he's confident of winning the case and forcing Namco Bandai to pay up. [DSO Gaming]

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