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Naughty Bear £21.96 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Naughty Bear £21.96 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]

You might want to take advantage of My Memory's 20% off voucher code to grab new game Naughty Bear, frankly I have no idea why you would but you might.

Their asking price is £27.45, which is already the cheapest out there by a matter of pennies before you factor in voucher codes and whatnot. With the 20% knocked off, you only pay £21.96 which undercuts the price you get at Tesco Entertainment with voucher code in place by over £3.

To trim the price down to £21.96 don't forget to use the voucher code LAST20

In Naughty Bear you take on the role of teddy bear with a serious chip on his shoulder following a serious of cruel blows such as being left out in a birthday party invite list. Understandably such hurtful snubs have led our hero down a path of despair with only one conclusion: homocide. So it is that you must stalk your way around your island paradise, ripping the stitches out of your fellow cuddlies.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this sounds like a pretty fun game, I know I did. But unfortunately the execution lets the concept down in a big way. When Matt reviewed it he awarded it a disappointing 6 out of 10 but, if anything, I would have to say that he was perhaps a little generous with his marks.

Ok, so some of the assassination scenes are pretty cool and amusing. Plus there's a fair bit to do if you are inclined to do it. The problem is that the fuzzy brutality is the only real selling point here and over the course of a full length game its fur starts to wear very thin.

The art design of Naughty Bear is actually very nice but it is completely let down by a generous sprinkling of clipping and lots of ugly sharp lines and a dreadful camera provides the cherry on the top of this feast of ugliness. Still, at least it's not as bad as the PS3 version. Similarly the brutal "ultra kills" are kinda awesome but there's not enough of them so they quickly lose their impact. To make matters worse, the combat mechanics are way too simple and offer very little challenge. Sadly their basic nature doesn't prevent problems occuring or a general rough, hit and miss feel to the combat.

I think one of the main problems here is that it sort of feels like the developers just couldn't be bothered. There's so much unrealised potential. For example, the dark humour that rears its head is never taken full advantage of and just a little more imagination would have made the points system very addictive. There's such a sad stench of missed opportunity wafting from this game.

The multiplayer options seem like they could be a saving grace but unfortunately online play runs even worse than the seriously struggling single player campaign.

If you've been waiting for Naughty Bear to fall below the £25 mark then My Memory's price is a great deal but I must implore you to consider not buying it. At least until it's a fiver.

Thanks to thegroutch at Hotukdeals!

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