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NBA 2K12

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NBA 2K12
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NBA 2K12 Preview | The Devil's In The Details

Jonathan Lester
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NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 Preview | The Devil's In The Details

My knowledge of basketball is humiliatingly limited... but I know a great videogame franchise when I see one. 2K's NBA series is so good that it literally forced its competitors out of the market, and numerous fans consider NBA 2K11 to be the best sports game of all time due to its authenticity and mechanical prowess. This year, the team faces a stiff challenge in topping and improving on their previous effort, and from what I saw behind the closed doors of the 2K booth, they're well on their way.

NBA 2K12 is all about "signature style": making sure that the virtual players don't just visually resemble their real life counterparts, but actively emulate their unique play styles and signature moves. Each player has has been studied in exacting detail to ensure that little details like Dirk Nowitski's familiar fadeaway jumper are authentically represented in the game, immersing fans in the most authentic representation of the sport to date. The attention to detail is much more than just enhanced ratios and animations, as 2K has been taking the huge amount of forum feedback into account. For example, Nowitski's player model has been completely revamped after fans pointed out that the NBA 2K11 design doesn't quite reflect his personality and grizzled, terrifying face.

NBA 2K12 Preview | The Devil's In The Details

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