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VIDEO | This is how NBA 2K15's Face Scan *should* work

Matt Gardner
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NBA 2K15 is finally here, and it's good. I mean really good. Visual Concepts have tweaked a fair few things in this latest instalment of the World's Best Sport Game Series, and one of the nifty new features is the ability to scan in your face for MyPlayer.

Check out my efforts in the quest for facial perfection in the video above.

I won't lie, I didn't hold out much hope that this would be any good. EA Sports' Game Face is utterly dreadful. Aside from it being a slow, clunky, often unworkable piece of crap, when it does have the decency to work, my Game Face creations all came out looking like someone had stuffed several slapped arses into a blender and then given the remains to Picasso.

NBA 2K15's Face Scan has not been above the odd monstrosity either, it would seem. Upon release, there was a glitch in the system causing some truly horrendous apparitions as this gallery video from GavingWithOva shows:

Thankfully, though, it seems as though 2K have ironed out the kinks. I ratehr iagine I'd have ended up looking something like this otherwise:

VIDEO | This is how NBA 2K15's Face Scan *should* work

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