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From NDoors to EA - News Roundup 4th January 10

Marius Goubert
Atlantica Online, EA, News

The New Year has barely begun and already things are off to a  negative start. Although details are still a bit vague, developers of the massively multiplayer online RPG Atlantica City have found themselves in a spot of bother over a proposed fundraiser for the Child’s Play charity. Capcom announces a series of delays for several of its up coming titles, and lastly, Electronic Arts say they are having to pull the plug permanently on more than two dozen of their multiplayer servers.

Child's Play refuses money from Atlantica Online due to 'negative player complaints'

From NDoors to EA - News Roundup 4th January 10

Players of the 3D MMORPG Atlantica Online have been expressing their disdain over AO developers NDoor's attempt to sell an in game item as part of charitable fundraiser. NDoors introduced an item called ‘Acong’s Stocking Stuffer’ which they started flogging to online players as part of a deal with Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Charity. However, after a tirade of ‘negative emails’ from Atlantica Online’s player community, Child’s Play have now withdrawn their support, leaving Ndoors without a worthy cause for their donation.   

The nature of these ‘negative emails’ remains unclear, but some have suggested that Atlantica Online members were angered by NDoors decision to donate just 5% of the proceeds to the Child’s Play charity. This would mean that the company were making a massive return on ‘Acong’s Stocking Stuffer’ – racking in $38 from every $40 purchase - which doesn’t sound all that charitable at all. [Joystiq]

Capcom delays LP2, SSFIV, MH3

From NDoors to EA - News Roundup 4th January 10

With 2010’s packed roaster of A-list game releases, it seems that Capcom are feeling a tad intimidated by the competition. As an investor document put it, the company intends to ‘avoid competing with the major titles the other companies plan to introduce’ this year by delaying the release of Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Monster Hunter Tri. These titles will now be spread across ‘all four quarters’ of fiscal 2011 which (don’t be too alarmed) begins 1st April. [Play.TM]

EA to shut down a load of old servers

From NDoors to EA - News Roundup 4th January 10

Electronic Arts have announced they are going to cut loose a whole string of servers which, according to the company, are for games 'no one plays any more'. Quite surprisingly, the list contains the likes of Madden 09 and NASCAR 09 (seems a bit soon?) both of which will be permanently shut down on the first of February this year – although NASCAR 09 will still be available in the US. For a full run down of all the servers which will be affected by the cull, follow this link: [Eurogamer]

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