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NDS Lite (Turquoise) inc. Brain Training £89.99 @ HMV [DS Games]

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo DS

NDS Lite (Turquoise) inc. Brain Training £89.99 @ HMV [DS Games]

Turquoise might just be the worst colour in the universe, well, apart from teal or puce. It's the sort of colour that you'd expect an alien bug to leak when you squash it, in fact it kind of even sounds like the noise such a cruel activity would make. (Ed. Dealspwn does not advocate animal cruelty be it alien or otherwise.) Aesthetics aside, though, this is a pretty darn good deal, netting you a trusty DS Lite, which is smaller and sleeker than the original but doesn't have the cameras of the DSi, and the insanely popular Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training.

HMV are currently selling this package for £89.99, which is almost a tenner cheaper than now OOS Argos. You can attempt to hunt around for a DS Lite by itself and pick up Brain Training from ShopTo for £12.85, but even then you won't find a better deal than this unless you buy second hand, which is always risky.

The DS Lite is 21% lighter and has 42% less volume than the original, comes with a slightly larger stylus for people like me with giant hands and sports a slightly extended battery life along with four boosted brightness settings. Do note, however, that the external hardware port has been changed, rendering GBA peripherals incompatible with the DS Lite. and subsequent models. Don't expect to be able to play the Guitar Hero games now either, although this does now fit in your pocket really comfortably making it one of the most fundamentally comfortable portable gaming devices.NDS Lite (Turquoise) inc. Brain Training £89.99 @ HMV [DS Games]

Brain Training has been a revelation for pretty much everyone and started to really challenge the way the oublic perceived games. Suddenly, it seemed, video games could make you smarter! While that's still fairly debatable, what isn't in question is that this little puzzle compendium is genuinely engrossing, good fun, and will make you think. With nine different genres of puzzle to choose from, a Brain Age calculator that proves pretty humbling at first but provides great incentive for progression and improvement, and a Sudoku mode with over 100 different puzzles to crack, it's pretty much an essential train journey item.

Thanks to dontdothatagain at HUKD

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