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Neil Gaiman, John Kovalic, John C. Wright & Mercedes Lackey Support Save City Of Heroes Campaign

Jonathan Lester
City of Heroes, Neil Gaiman, Paragon Studios, Save Paragon City!

Neil Gaiman, John Kovalic, John C. Wright & Mercedes Lackey Support Save City Of Heroes Campaign

The fan campaign to save Paragon Studios and prevent City Of Heroes from shutting down is going from strength to strength, with several high-profile authors pledging support to the cause. Stardust author Neil Gaiman, Sci-Fi writer John C. Wright and bestselling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey have lent their voices to the endeavour, both in terms of tweets, blog posts and even direct pleas to NCsoft themselves.

We previously reported that the Save Paragon City! campaign had secured celebrity endorsement, but we know know the extent of their support thanks to another statement from coordinator Tony Vasquez.

Neil Gaiman and John Kovalic (notable Webcomic artist) have retweeted messages of support to over two million followers, originally sent from players desperate to 'save their home.'

Neil Gaiman, John Kovalic, John C. Wright & Mercedes Lackey Support Save City Of Heroes Campaign

Neil Gaiman, John Kovalic, John C. Wright & Mercedes Lackey Support Save City Of Heroes Campaign

John C. Wright (Chronicles Of Chaos, The Golden Age) posted about City Of Heroes on his personal blog, saying "this is practically the only online game I play. Between work and novel writing, I usually only allow myself to play on Wednesdays. Any kind hearted persons out there, please sign the petition."

Mercedes Lackey, an avid City Of Heroes player and prolific bestselling author, personally wrote to the CEO of NCsoft, literally promising to use her fame to help keep the game afloat - with no payment expected in return.

"This, like so many other letters, is a plea to save Paragon Studios and the City of Heroes, City of Villains, and Going Rogue games. And like so many others, I could tell you about the thousands of hours I have spent there with friends, the thousands of dollars I have spent within the games, or even how this game allows my husband and I to “meet” and play nearly every night with my father in law, the retired, and multi-medaled Master Sergeant Jim Dixon formerly of Delta Force. I could even tell you how this game is the only one ever to interest him."

"I am going to make you an offer. I am a multi-award-winning, New York Times bestselling fantasy and science fiction author. And I will offer myself and my likeness to endorse and advertise, exclusively, all NCSoft products for a minimum term of five years and a maximum term of ten years, for no compensation or payment, if you will make it possible for the game and Paragon Studios (even in a reduced capacity) to continue to function, either once again under the NCSoft umbrella, or until a new owner comes forward."

"I had in mind something like this: Advertisements with a photo of myself, imposed over a transparent image of one of my more striking characters, both of us in the same pose. Text: “I am New York Times bestselling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey. Creating fantastic realms is hard work, and when I relax, I like to play in someone else’s world. I play NCSoft Games. Anything else is unimaginable.” The tagline for the ad campaign would be “NCSoft: anything else is unimaginable.”

Thanks to a threefold plan, celebrity endorsement and an inspiring degree of passion and coordination, Save Paragon City! is quickly becoming infinitely more than 'just another' fan campaign. We wish them the very best of success, and will keep an eye on whether NCsoft and Paragon Studios acknowledge their efforts. Naturally we've reached out to NCsoft for more than a standard form reply.

UPDATE: NCsoft has told us that "no one is available for comment on City of Heroes. For the latest updates about the game please visit www.cityofheroes.com."

We'll ask again soon.

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METALIK  Sep. 9, 2012 at 20:32

Thank you for this great article. And much respect to the authors for supporting the game.
Merci. Le combat continue.

@METALIK - Freedom

Elfin1701  Sep. 9, 2012 at 22:18

I am sitting here on a Sunday at work on break in the break room reading this. I am a mechanic where I work and a big 300muscular pound Harley Rider outside of work. So I am not rrally the kind of guy you would expect to see tear up. Reading the lengths that you are willing to go to save this game that I love so much its everything I can do not to embaress myself with tears at work. I am a huge comicbook sci fi fan. Books movies tv andvixeo games. The only Mmo that I have evr played has been COH. Nothing else could ever replace it. In 2009the my oldest sister Rhonda Lynn lost her battle with canced. COH jelped to get me through that. I maxe a character for her. I named the character Radiant Ivy. I put in her description that Radiant Ivy was the Hero name of Rhonda Lynn. I then put a tribute to her in the description as silly as it may sound in some ways to me my sisted lives on in that character. I made the character when she was still alive. I told her about it. I described the characters powers and what she could do. I described what she looked like and what she was wearing. My sister said and I quote "wow I zound pretty cool." Two months later she was gone. So now as I tear up again maybe tou inderstand just one of the reasons why this game means so much to me. Let COH Live. My sister passed away on September 9th 2009. 3 years ago today. Her funeral was on 9/11.

SapphireSeer  Sep. 10, 2012 at 01:31

Thank you so much for covering us!

Sechmeth  Sep. 10, 2012 at 02:58

Thank you for covering our story. Paragon City is our home, our dreams, even though we originate from everywhere on the globe. I am a German, living in New Zealand, and I have played with friends from Iceland, Australia, England, Brazil, Norway, and of course, the US.
It doesn't matter when I go and play, be it Sunday morning after breakfast, or Wednesday night when I cannot sleep, if I am sick or healthy, alone or with my partner, there is always someone online that I know. I do missions alone, duo with my partner, PvP with strangers, do big trials and task forces, design my own adventures, role play with mates, or just go badge hunting. I completed every villain mission with one char thanks to Oroboros, and then took him onto his way to become a hero, and just started to do all hero missions with him. I hope I am able to finish this. I have male characters, female characters, humans, aliens, animals and even one who is a lovely tree. My little virtual family thanks all of you who are going to keep supporting us.

PhoenixOfHeroes  Sep. 10, 2012 at 17:08

Thank you so much for this article! I am deeply grateful for your reporting, and also to Misters Gaiman, Kovalic, and Wright and Ms. Lackey for their support. So many friends and families have come together over their work (including mine), just like through City of Heroes. And that's why I have full faith that the positive, respectful and all-out enthusiastic efforts of all of us together will see us side-by-side in Paragon City through 2013 and beyond.

Yours in Solidarity and COHesiveness!


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