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Neopets : Puzzle Adventure £5.53 @ Play.com [Nintendo Wii Game]

Marius Goubert
Neopets, Puzzle games, Wii games

Neopets : Puzzle Adventure £5.53 @ Play.com [Nintendo Wii Game]

If you like puzzle games then here’s a deal for you that's actually hard to believe - and a lot of people are wondering if it is too good to be true (could be a misprice so get in there quick!) Play.com are offering copies of Neopets Puzzle Adventure on the Nintendo Wii for the ridiculous price of £5.53 – that’s a colossal £12.46 saving from the next cheapest price on HMV for £17.99!

Neopets is a cross between Capcom’s Puzzle Quest and a game called Neopets which was pioneered by a Nickelodeon website. It allowed children to carry out a variety of different activities after having adopted their own virtual pet. So Neopets on the Wii is a combined RPG/puzzle game in which the player must guide their chosen pet through a variety of challenges. These are predominantly made up by games of Othello - which is a really old strategy-type board game.

It involves two players battling it out across a sort of checkers board with each player being represented on either side of coin pieces. The idea is to place the coins in such a way that you hem in your opponent until their coins are flipped over to your side. But one question which it seems obvious to ask is: why wouldn’t you just play this as a board game?

Well apparently, Neopets does attempt to innovate the Othello format by adding in little touches like blocked tiles which supposedly create new strategic opportunities. But in all honesty the game does not really live up to either of its predecessors. It has little going for it apart from its board game battles, has pretty rubbish graphics, and apart from small children, no one is going to find it very appealing.

So Neopets would certainly make a good gift for a very young niece or nephew, or a grand child etc. However anyone who enjoyed the old edition of Capcom Puzzle Adventures will find the Neopets sequel disappointing. It's true that  for a little over a fiver that’s not at all a bad deal, but as to whether  it’s a misprice, on second thought I somehow doubt it…

Neopets : Puzzle Adventure £5.53 @ Play.com [Nintendo Wii Game]

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