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Neversoft Working On Call of Duty

Matt Gardner
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Neversoft Working On Call of Duty

It would appear that Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero devs Neversoft are to be joining the ever expanding number of studios beavering away on Activision's premier cash cow: Call of Duty.

According to Neversoft's website "We have moulded our team into a crack squad of eager developers ready to push the First Person Action genre in support of Activision's Call of Duty franchise."

The careers section of the site is busy touting "our new FPS", there are COD logos everywhere, and picture of a man in mocap gear wielding a plastic rifle.

Currently Activision have a number of studios hard at work on Call of Duty-related material: Infinity Ward and Treyarch have been alternating between Modern Warfare and World At War/Black Ops for the best part of a decade. Sledgehammer Games chipped in on Modern Warfare 3, and may well have their own games in the franchise in development. Raven Software help out with DLC material too, and N-Space worked on the DS spin-off Defiance.

It's uncertain exactly where Neversoft will fit into the mix.

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phil16  Jun. 15, 2012 at 13:22

If you needed proof gaming was going down the pan this is it. The developer who bought us such inventive titles such as tony hawks is reduced to producing more COD... Gaming always use to be out putting out exciting games - now it worse than hollywood in only looking at producing boring rehashed cash cows.

stevenjameshyde  Jun. 15, 2012 at 14:26

I'm sure their experience in driving oversaturated franchises into the ground will be invaluable

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