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Newell: Apple Didn't Visit Valve

Jonathan Lester
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Newell: Apple Didn't Visit Valve

Valve's respect for Apple is a matter of public record, and rumours of a collaboration reached fever pitch when reports placed Apple CEO Tim Cook at Valve's Washington HQ last week. However, Gabe Newell has spoken out to squash the rumour flat.

Speaking to Seven Day Cooldown (reported by Kotaku), the Valve visionary denied that they'd received any visitors from Apple that day, let alone the CEO. In fact, Newell has apparently never actually met Cook in person, despite the rumours spreading so fast that even Valve employees started to believe them.

No one here was meeting with Tim Cook or with anybody at Apple that day. I wish we were. We have a long list of things we’d love to see Apple do to support games and gaming better.

But no, we didn’t meet with Tim Cook. He seems like a smart guy, but I’ve never actually met him.

Mind you, it seems that Valve are definitely interested with the idea of becoming chummier with the technology giant - especially in terms of integrating Steam with Apple TV. For now, though, consider this rumour controlled.

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AC23  Apr. 20, 2012 at 12:20

I'm not surprised - it looks like Newell hasn't seen an apple for 20 years.

phil16  Apr. 20, 2012 at 12:36

Good - Stick to PC Gaming steam. I've invested heavily in you over the years. Don't want to see you messing with that.

DivideByZero  Apr. 20, 2012 at 17:16

Steam mixing with Apple would be the worst thing to happen to gaming.

Releasing Steam games on MAC is one thing... but don't get in bed with Apple!

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