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From Death And Glory To A Great Big Patch - News Roundup 11th December 2010

Jonathan Lester
Bethesda, City Interactive, Fallout: New Vegas, Gaming news, Kinect, Patch, Primesense, Stuart Black, VGA Awards

Fallout NV Patch Hits PSN; Headed To XBL & Steam

From Death And Glory To A Great Big Patch - News Roundup 11th December 2010

RPGs powered by the Gamebryo Engine tend to follow in the same grand traditions. They're epic in scope. They're extremely addictive. And they're buggy as hell. Fallout New Vegas was no exception- and a hurried patch managed to contain a few very basic problems. There's still a whole mess of issues to fix, so luckily for us, the "comprehensive" New Vegas Update is finally live on PSN and will be hitting the PC/Xbox 360

Bethesda and Obsidian have been very busy indeed. Why not read up on Update 1.02 at the Bethesda Blog?

Stuart Black Working On "Slo-mo Death And Glory"

From Death And Glory To A Great Big Patch - News Roundup 11th December 2010

Remember Stuart Black? The foulmouthed, Lady Gaga-loving developer behind Black mysteriously quit Codemasters earlier this year... only to resurface at Polish studio City Interactive. The veteran FPS developer is reportedly working on a WW2 shooter that's designed to put the fun back into the sub-genre.

If I hear one more trumpet refrain over a somber front end or see another Thompson machine gun, I’m going to put my pad through the screen.

...we’re after; more rock and roll, spray and pray, slo-mo death, and glory, wrapped in a progressive metagame that you don’t usually see in a shooter. We’re opening a boutique design studio in Guildford to work on this and provide support or guidance to other projects in development. - Stuart Black to Gamespot

So there. We're delighted to see that Black's back in action and that another boutique studio will be opening in Britain's gaming nexus... but Stuart will have to get up very early in the morning to outgrow City Interactive's terrible reputation. City are known for biblically terrible PC shovelware and for squandering the few good ideas they have, so hopefully a veteran developer will help to set them on the path to redemption. [Gamespot]

Official Kinect Open Source Drivers Released

From Death And Glory To A Great Big Patch - News Roundup 11th December 2010

Resourceful coders have been doing truly wonderful things with Kinect over the last few weeks; going far beyond the peripheral's novelty remit and creating genuinely impressive new applications. We've seen robots, OS control and even Stealth Camouflage, but the burgeoning scene is about to open up. Primesense, the company behind the Kinect technology, has released the official open source drivers to aid third-party development and... well... help awesome people to do more awesome stuff.

Microsoft is still missing a trick in our humble opinion. The PC market is an emergent powerhouse for Kinect development and an entirely new target audience for the peripheral.

And Finally...VGA Awards Tonight!

From Death And Glory To A Great Big Patch - News Roundup 11th December 2010

This year's Video Game Awards have been unceremoniously hijacked and co-opted into becoming a Winter announcement platform and presser. Whilst I personally dislike the move, there's no denying that it's about to get real. Here's what you can expect tonight (and in tomorrow's roundup).


  • Uncharted 3 Trailer
  • Protoytype 2 Reveal
  • A new villain for Arkham Asylum
  • Gears of War 3 Trailer


  • A new BioWare title (follow the treasure hunt here). Note that Mass Effect 3 is now available to download from the EA store...

Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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