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From Mario's Big Push To The Locked 3DS - News Roundup 11th January 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo Plans Mario Offensive This Year...

From Mario's Big Push To The Locked 3DS - News Roundup 11th January 2011

Mario is one of gaming's most iconic figures- mainly down to the exceptional games in which he stars. Many gamers have accused Nintendo of failing to innovate over the last couple of years, but UK marketing manager Dawn Paine has stated that they can get away with it by re-releasing older Mario Games as part of a major brand push this year.

A lot of people who we have brought in have never played a Mario game before – to them Mario 64 DS is a brand new piece of software. It’s another way we have turned conventional thinking on its head – it has proved there is no such thing as ‘old’ software because things are constantly expanding.

Cheeky doesn't quite cover it. There's no such thing as old rope, eh? However, Paine has confirmed that 2011 will herald a new lease of life for Mario in the UK. Mario Sports Mix and Mario vs Donkey Kong are set to start the proceedings.

In the UK we haven’t done as much on Mario as other territories have, so he’s a real focus for us right across 2011. We’ve got two cracking Mario titles kicking off the year for us and there’s going to be a huge marketing push on those.

We'll let you know if they're any good- and hopefully find you some good deals- once the Feburary release date rolls around. [MCV]

PS3 Homebrew & Emulation Deluge Continues

From Mario's Big Push To The Locked 3DS - News Roundup 11th January 2011

Since our last update on the cracked PS3 firmware situation, infamous hacker GeoHot (yeah, him again) has released a set of Homebrew tools that are kicking the once-dormant homebrew scene into overdrive. Classic console emulators for the SNES, Genesis and even the SCUMM engine are now reportedly up and running- and no, we're not going to link you to them.

Sony is still "looking into" the issue, and have suggested that a firmware update is in the works. Just a suggestion, Sony, but why don't you make it easier for these guys to develop original homebrew and indie applications for Playstation Home? That way, everybody wins- and everybody gets paid.

What do you make of the ongoing situation? Drop us a line in the comments!

Important: Dealspwn does not endorse piracy and strongly advises against modifying your PS3 console.

Rumour: 3DS Will Be Region-Locked?

From Mario's Big Push To The Locked 3DS - News Roundup 11th January 2011

Nintendo's handhelds have traditionally been region-free (excluding the DSi), allowing the thriving import market to play Japanese titles or secure cheap deals on NTSC versions. However, a recent Japanese Nintendo newsletter has apparently confirmed that the 3DS will be region locked.

If true, it's likely that this lost functionality is a casualty of enhanced security measures designed to curb the threat of piracy. Nintendo handheld games are traditionally vulnerable to being backed up- and you'd better believe that Ninty are working tirelessly to ensure that the 3DS is much more secure. Having said that, the 3D effect ought to be a barrier to emulation in itself. We'll keep you posted. [GAF via VG247]

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sequel Confirmed

From Mario's Big Push To The Locked 3DS - News Roundup 11th January 2011

I nominated Sniper: Ghost Warrior as my most disappointing game of 2010, but only because it almost worked. The actual sniping was great fun, but it merrily soiled the bed with idiotic insta-fail stealth and hopelessly bad regular FPS sections.

Still, City Interactive are going to have another go. They've announced that a sequel is in the works, powered by none other than CryEngine 3 ! Here's hoping that they'll stick to the sniping this time around. [Eurogamer.se]

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Gunn  Jan. 11, 2011 at 16:41

Can't seem to go wrong with Mario, but the trend of re-releasing seems to be hot at the moment, the HD releases on PS3 for example. But Mario 65 was on DS, so does it really need another remake??

Sony PS3 seems to be really taking a beating now, to be honest though I never bothered with linux when I had the option so I will pass on the homebrew emulator stuff.

And as for region locking, just like the PS3 its just asking someone to crack it day one. Lets see how long it lasts.

Matt Gardner  Jan. 11, 2011 at 16:46

There's going to be a rant about this come Friday.

Rob  Jan. 11, 2011 at 19:43

Wasn't Mario 64DS a reworked version of Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and as such wouldn’t Mario 64 3DS be the third incarnation of the 15 year old game?

The only positive thing about Nintendo re-releasing old Mario titles is that it's better than trying to reinvent the series dozens of times and essentially destroying the character/brand with terrible games (RIP Sonic The Hedgehog)

Jonathan Lester  Jan. 11, 2011 at 20:07

You're absolutely right about poor old Sonic, though most of his problems have been caused by Sonic Team's directionless fumbling after Yuji Naka left.

It's a tricky issue. Innovating too much can be as bad as- if not worse than- stubbornly sticking to what you know.


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