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From Lords Of Shadow Sequel to Indiecade Award Winners - News Roundup 11th October 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Spanish Radio Outs Castlevania: LOS Sequel

From Lords Of Shadow Sequel to Indiecade Award Winners - News Roundup 11th October 2010

It's no secret that MercuryStream has been tasked by Konami to create a new game, but a Spanish radio interview with the the man behind the game's soundtrack has now outed the project as a sequel to the recently-released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. When discussing the action platformer, composer Oscar Araujo gleefully teased:

If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular.

Araujo also stated that Konami demanded a "rough" and "aggressive" score to contrast with the series' traditional "effeminate" image. I'm sure many fans will take issue at this one- but there's no denying that Gabriel is a lot tougher than previous protagonists. If slightly less stylish[Thanks, Eurogamer Spain via Eurogamer]

LOVEFiLM Headed To British PS3s

From Lords Of Shadow Sequel to Indiecade Award Winners - News Roundup 11th October 2010

A pulled video from the official PS3 YouTube channel has confirmed that LOVEFiLM will be hitting the Playstation 3 next month. The service will allow users to rent and stream thousands of films directly from the XMB, including a wide range of blockbuster titles and barely-known indie flicks.

Note that existing LOVEFiLM members will receive this service as part of their subscription.

Considering that we still don't have Netflix over here, this is going to give the PS3 a serious amount of media clout along with Mubi. [VG247]

IndieCade Award Winners Announced

From Lords Of Shadow Sequel to Indiecade Award Winners - News Roundup 11th October 2010

The annual IndieCade Festival brings together Independent developers from all over the world, and their awards festival throws the spotlight on the best the scene has to offer. This year's winners include the dimension-defying Miegakure, the esteemed (and highly reviewed) Limbo, the trippy Continuity and the staggeringly profound masterpiece A Slow Year. Oh, and B.U.T.T.O.N. is completely insane. We'll be bringing you an Indie Games Arcade preview soon.

  • Trailblazer Award: Tim Schafer

Many of these games are free to play- and every single one of them is worth checking out. Hit the links and get involved!

And Finally...LBP2 Flower Power

Matt's recent hands-on preview of LittleBigPlanet 2 has shed impressive new light on the exceptionally robust level editor and its capability to emulate practically any game experience (as well as new genres that have yet to be discovered). However, this is an entirely different league. ThatGamesCompany's Flower is a beloved and beautiful game... that's now running in LBP2.

Every publisher in the business must be very glad about the delay. LBP2 is shaping up to be the only game you'll ever need.

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Emma Kelly  Oct. 11, 2010 at 19:33

Excellent about Lovefilm. Right now, every time I want to watch one of their free streaming movies, I have to hook up the laptop to the stereo and to the TV. Much easier just to access through playstation!


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