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From Nurturing Metro 2034 To The Taxpayer Flop - News Roundup 15th January 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Metro 2033 Wasn't "Properly Nurtured;" Sequel Will Be

From Nurturing Metro 2034 To The Taxpayer Flop - News Roundup 15th January 2011

Metro 2033 has been making a splash in our Best Games Of 2010 season; with many gamers leaping in to praise 4A's divisive shooter and our very own Dave Brown nominating it as his favourite game of the year. However, there's no doubt that it was poorly marketed and didn't receive the attention or polish it deserved... and THQ have now admitted that they simply dropped the ball. In a recent interview with Joystiq, THQ's Danny Bilson explained that attractive low maintenance costs allowed 4A's project to fly under the radar until four months before release- but they'll learn from their mistakes for the sequel.

[Metro 2033]  wasn’t properly supported in all areas. It was a cool deal where it was inexpensive and [4A] were doing their stuff.

Did the game need polish in certain areas? Yes. So when I say it wasn’t fully supported, it was product development and marketing that didn’t support it the way it should’ve been. A great marketer picked it up with four months to go and did what he could with four months to go, but it wasn’t properly nurtured by marketing.

[Metro 2034] doesn’t have any of those issues. I green-lit the sequel before [Metro 2033] shipped, because I know what [4A is] capable of — I knew how cool it was!

Little is known about the planned sequel (apart from the fact that it takes place a year after the original... do the math) but Bilson has confirmed that a massive marketing push will kick off at E3. More as it happens. [Joystiq]

Road Safety MMO Flop Cost Taxpayers £2.8 Million

From Nurturing Metro 2034 To The Taxpayer Flop - News Roundup 15th January 2011

Our tax pounds at work. Labour and the Department Of Transport launched a bizarre free-to-play Road Safety MMO last year, which only received a handful of signups and a tiny trickle of new subscribers at the end of 2010. Code Of Everand has only attracted 170,000 total users (only a miniscule fraction of which are active at the time of writing) and has effectively failed as a game... but reports indicate that it cost British taxpayers over 2.8 million pounds in development and maintenance costs.

The official government line is that "the status of the project beyond March 2011 will be reviewed in light of evaluation findings and other business planning considerations." Arguably its time to pull the plug before some anti-gaming activists catch wind of it... and teach road safety in a more cost-effective way. Shouldn't there be an app for that? [Games Industry]

New Xbox Controller Dated And Priced

We brought you the news that a redesigned Xbox controller would be hitting the market soon, along with a slick (or dull, depending on your point of view) new look and a 'transforming' D-Pad that can function as a disc or a cross.

Microsoft have now announced that it will be hitting British shores on March 4th for £44.99, bundled with a play & charge kit for a little extra value. We'll bring you the full review when it does.

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