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From Ubisoft...to EA...to Microsoft at E3 - News Roundup 15th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Day Zero of E3 has finished... and what a day it's been. We've had animatronic elephants, new consoles, great games and a few surprises along the way...  but wouldn't it be nice to cut through the fat and get everything in one convenient place? With easily- accessed trailers? Well worry not... because we've got what's yours.


From Ubisoft...to EA...to Microsoft at E3 - News Roundup 15th June 2010

  • Driver: San Francisco Trailered and Dated for Christmas. The latest iteration in the Driver franchise will be hitting stores this holiday season. Why not check it out courtesy of G4? Engines roaring and tyres squealing? Yes please.
  • Mizuguchi Unveils Child of Eden. We recently reported that Tetsuya Mizuguchi's spiritual sequel to Rez was in the pipeline- and it's finally been trailered. This is well worth getting excited about... as it's the first hardcore game designed specifically for Kinect and Playstation Move. We're psyched to try this out on Kinect as it'll feel like conducting an orchestra made out of lethal space lasers.
  • Michael Jackson Dancing Game. Ever wanted to boogie down to the setlist of a controversial dead pop star? Well now you can. Details are thin on the ground, but it's tipped to be Kinect and Move compatible. Cross-platform release suggests that it'll also be compatible with dance mats.
  • Project Dust Announced. Eric Chalhi, creator of the cult classic Another World, is the brainchild behind Project Dust: a soulful, beautiful and slightly depressing adventure of a dying tribe's attempt to harness elemental magic. Well worth checking out the trailer!
  • Future Soldier Trailered. New Cross-Com? Invisible shenanigans? In 3D? Okay then.


From Ubisoft...to EA...to Microsoft at E3 - News Roundup 15th June 2010

  • Criterion's Hot Pursuit Named and Dated for November 16th. Criterion's take on the Need for Speed franchise has been officially named Hot Pursuit... and it's looking extremely hot even at this early stage. Expect fast cars, realistic damage and big explosions. This is Criterion, after all.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Announced; Dated for winter. In direct competition with CoD: Black Ops, EA has trailered a Vietnam FPS based around Bad Company's deformable terrain and spot-on squad banter. Vietnam's a perfect setting for a ragtag band of cynical, sarcastic heroes- and well be keeping our eye on this one.
  • Love Shooters? Join the Gun Club! EA's announced a new VIP scheme for shooter fans that will give us early access to FPS DLC, betas and Demos. It's yet another way of clawing some DLC money out of us ahead of time, but it's set to be a fairly attractive package.
  • Medal of Honor Beta Hits June 21st. EA's set to revamp the MoH franchise in the wake of Infinity Ward's collapse- and beta signups start later this month.
  • Bulletstorm to release February 2011. We're psyched for Bulletstorm here at Dealspwn. Now we're psyched for next February! Why not check out our preview?
  • Dead Space 2 Dated for January 28th. Apparently there'll be loads of juicy new details at Sony's Presser. We'll keep you posted, but at least it's finally been dated.
  • EA Sports MMA Dated for October. EA's revealing more dates than my cheating ex-girlfriend used to go on. Cheap puns aside, we're looking forward to some serious martial arts action.


From Ubisoft...to EA...to Microsoft at E3 - News Roundup 15th June 2010

  • New Slim Xbox 360 Headed to Stores. This is the big one, folks. Don't let the Cirque Du Soleil and videos of horrendously embarrassing families distract you, because this is probably the most important news of the entire expo thus far. Microsoft's new slim 360 has built in WiFi (about time), a sleek new form factor and looks like the lovechild of an Alienware rig and the Batmobile. However, its internal hard drive means that it won't be compatible with existing Xbox HDDs- meaning that you'll need to transfer your data over with an HDD Transfer cable or the rumoured improved online data transfer facility that's currently in development.
  • Crytek to develop Xbox 360 Exclusive. Kingdoms, an action game in the God of War vein, has been trailered and blown wide open. This is a a megaton, guys!
  • Halo Reach will have playable Space Combat and Firefight mode. Bungie showed off a singleplayer campaign demo that's looking mighty fine indeed. Expect full 3D space combat and more addictive multiplayer horde mode shenanigans.
  • MGS Rising will let us cut stuff up. Kojima's recent obsession with cutting things (yeah, we called it) has finally led to the first gameplay trailer of his latest project. Yeah, we called it. Expect brutal combat and lots of discarded watermelons to practice on.
  • CoD Black Ops DLC is a timed 360 exclusive. Xbox owners can get their hands on any and all Black Ops DLC before anyone else. MW2 fans will already know the drill.
  • Kinect is Coming. Been there, pundited on that. All the games and hardware previewed for your delectation... Felix and I have Kinect handled.

That's day one down... with Nintendo set to peddle its wares later on this afternoon. It's time to ask the important (and immature) question: Who's Winning E3? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Gunn  Jun. 15, 2010 at 16:51

This time of year is great as there is so much to read about.

I'm not sure the 360 "slim" is the biggest news. There were rumours a while ago and to be honest when I saw it, I thought it's not very slim, and I dont think they are calling it that, its just a revision. Good for consumers though, to have 1 standard SKU with decent spec.

Matt Gardner  Jun. 15, 2010 at 19:38

'New Slim Xbox 360 Headed to Stores. This is the big one, folks.'

I think tongue may have been most firmly in cheek there

Jonathan Lester  Jun. 15, 2010 at 19:49

One the one hand, we all rolled our eyes when they made this announcement. Surprise, surprise.

On the other: a new console SKU that addresses and rectifies every accusation levelled at the current Xbox 360 is arguably a bigger deal than any game announcement made yesterday.

ODB  Jun. 16, 2010 at 10:56

I'd buy a slim IF I could swap HDD's over so I can play games & online in another room so thats me out of that one then



Grammarr Nassi  Jun. 16, 2010 at 11:03

"However, it’s internal hard drive means that it won’t be compatible with existing Xbox HDDs"

There shouldn't be an apostraphe in "its". The apostraphe version is when it's short for "it is".

Jonathan Lester  Jun. 16, 2010 at 16:42

Oops. I'd be the first to point that out if I noticed it elsewhere!

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