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From Kinect Privacy To The "Biggest Week Ever" - News Roundup 15th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Kinect Won't Spy On You For Adverts

From Kinect Privacy To The "Biggest Week Ever" - News Roundup 15th November 2010

A few days ago, Xbox Chief Operating Officer Dennis Durkin suggested that Kinect could be used to gather consumer data in order to tailor dashboard advertisements to specific players. After all, its cameras and microphones essentially provide a window into your living room!

Your wife in the future might get a different set of content choices than you, because we have a smart device that knows her preferences are different than yours. Those are the kinds of things that, when you add this new sensor into the equation, there’s a bunch of business opportunities that also come with that.

Yikes. However, Microsoft has been quick to squash this statement, bluntly stating that they have "some of the best privacy protection measures in the industry." However, Kinect footage could apparently still be monitored in an unspecified way as part of the EULA (especially video chat)... so just in case, try not to commit too many crimes in front of the sensor. [Wall Street Journal]

Still not sold on Kinect? Why not check out our full review!

Black Ops Contributes £82m To "Biggest Week Ever"

From Kinect Privacy To The "Biggest Week Ever" - News Roundup 15th November 2010

UK Games sales have reportedly enjoyed their "biggest week ever" according to UKIE, with Call of Duty: Black Ops and Kinect making serious bank[GI]

Treyarch's Black Ops is definitely the MVP, which inspired 2 million sales over its first five days- netting an estimated £81.9 million for the cause. This smashes Modern Warfare 2's first-week record of 1.8 million copies and £67.4 million. Despite the massive hype, it also turned out to be awesome.

Kinect's success has been much smaller in comparison, though Rare's Kinect Sports has rocketed to fourth place in the software charts.

It's great to see our industry flourishing despite the effects of the global finacial climate.

DiRT 3 Developer Diary Details

From Kinect Privacy To The "Biggest Week Ever" - News Roundup 15th November 2010

That's a lot of Ds. Codemasters have released a new developer diary for upcoming rally racer DiRT 3 which drops some major new details about the "Biggest Rally Game Ever Made." [sic]

DiRT 3 will feature 6 head-to-head stages and 32 rally stages; including Kenya, Norway, Michigan and snowy Finland. As promised, snow and ice will provide a challenging new road surface. Further to our previous intel, the 2011 WRC Ford Fiesta, 2010 WRC Ford Focus and Citreon C4 will make an appearance as playable vehicles. Apparently "60% of the game" will be based on rally, leaving room for straight races and (we assume from Ken Block's appearance) stunt challenges.

A picture is worth a thousand words- so I'll let the trailer do the talking.

Team Meat Considering Super Meat Boy 3DS Port

From Kinect Privacy To The "Biggest Week Ever" - News Roundup 15th November 2010

Super Meat Boy is an absolutely cracking platformer, boasting rock hard difficulty, loads of levels and a tasty inverse discount on XBLA (which is still running, so take advantage while you can!). However, developer Team Meat is considering taking their game to the 3DS, stating that "we'll do what we can" in a recent tweet. Just when we thought the 3DS lineup couldn't get any meatier. [via VG247]

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