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From EA Under Fire to the Digital Daredevil Trifecta - News Roundup 16th August 2010

Jonathan Lester
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XCOM Brand Added to Original 2K Marin IP

From EA Under Fire to the Digital Daredevil Trifecta - News Roundup 16th August 2010

The XCOM series is fondly remembered by fans for its hardcore, thoughtful strategy and ramped difficulty curve. The decision to leverage the franchise into an FPS came as a disappointment to many, but it appears that 2K Marin have tacked the license onto a game that they've been planning for some time.

"We've been working on this game on and off for around five years now, before BioShock 2, before BioShock. So when the chance came to use the XCOM license, it was a great opportunity to take some of those game ideas and blend everything together." - Jonathan Pelling, 2K Marin creative director

Apparently the research aspects of the XCOM series will make it to 2K Marin's FPS, but it'll feel like an entirely new IP. With any luck, it'll distance itself from the original franchise enough to be criticised on its own merits. [Kotaku]

EA Under Heavy Fire for MoH Setting

From EA Under Fire to the Digital Daredevil Trifecta - News Roundup 16th August 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, many pundits and gamers are still a little worried about EA's decision to set upcoming FPS Medal of Honor in an ongoing warzone... as well as putting players in the shoes of Taliban insurgents. A number of critics and pundits are feeling a little uneasy about the content (saying so in previews)- and the game has come under fresh attack from Fox News over the weekend. The news anchor, a mother to a soldier killed in the conflict, denounced MoH as being completely "disrespectful." [GI]

The official EA line is that their average age for target consumers is 39- and that being able to play as Taliban is much the same as playing cops and robbers back in childhood. After all, "in Medal of Honor multi-player, someone's gotta be the Taliban." This would have been a suitable place to call a deadlock- but there appears to be a little dissent in the DICE Camp itself. Producer Patrick Liu has actually agreed that this content could could be construed as disrespectful when interviewed by PSM3 last week.

"I think it is a fair point,"

"We do stir up some feelings, although it's not about the war, it's about the soldiers. We can't get away from what the setting is and who the factions are, but in the end, it's a game, so we're not pushing or provoking too hard." - Patrick Liu

It's time to get involved, FPS fans. Is Medal of Honor's Afghani setting genuinely disrespectful? Or is this just political correctness gone mad? Have your say in the comments!

Crackdown 2 DLC Coming Soon; Testers "Loving It"

From EA Under Fire to the Digital Daredevil Trifecta - News Roundup 16th August 2010

Most Crackdown 2 players will have already sterilised Pacific City of all enemy activity (and stood on all those vital... buttons), but Ruffian's new Toybox expansion will "soon" be with us. According to Ruffian's twitter feed, the MS testers are currently vetting the product- and "loving it" to boot. They're "close..."

The Toybox DLC will add the Keys To The City cheats for maximum destruction as well as new armour colours, gear and avatar awards. [via VG247]

Dare To Be Digital Winners Announced

From EA Under Fire to the Digital Daredevil Trifecta - News Roundup 16th August 2010

Remember the Dare To Be Digital Indie Games competition? We brought you the shortlist a few months back, and the three winners have finally been decided by a panel of elite judges from several different triple-A developers. Without further ado, here they are!

  • Mush (Angry Mango): A platformer that takes advantage of the new Windows 7 mobile. Think LocoRoco with tilt controls.
  • Sculpty (Team Tickle): An iPad game that lets you manipulate your blob's shape to circumvent obstacles.
  • Twang! (That Game Studio): Looks like an awesome hybrid of Atomic Commando and Worms' ninja rope.

Congratulations, guys! The three winners won a £2500 prize as well as BAFTA nominations. We'll be keeping a close eye on these budding studios and their future endeavours.

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Ryan  Aug. 17, 2010 at 11:32

EA and Taliban - I agree it will offend many, but, as a 36 year old adult, it is topical and I'd be interested in playing such a title if the storyline is good.

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