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From Pay-Per-Cutscene to Kinect's Hardcore Surprise - News Roundup 16th September 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Activision Plans To Make Us Pay For Long Cutscenes

From Pay-Per-Cutscene to Kinect's Hardcore Surprise - News Roundup 16th September 2010

Publishers and distributors are trying to claw every last penny from us long-suffering gamers. EA has 'Project Ten Dollar' and Online Passes. Microsoft has Xbox Live Gold. Activision, however, have a new plan for raising some extra revenue: taking cutscenes out of games, amalgamating them and charging us around £15 for the privilege. I'll let Bobby Kotick Explain.

"If we were to take that hour, or hour and a half [of cutscenes], take it out of the game, and we were to go to our audiences - for whom we have their credit card information and a direct relationship - and say to them, 'Would you like to have the StarCraft movie?'... and say we have this great hour and a half of linear video that we'd like to make available to you at a $30 or $20 price point, you'd have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever,"

"Within the next five years you are likely to see us do that..." - Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO

Before you all light your torches, sharpen your pitchfork and buy your plane tickets, part of this idea would be to hone long cutscenes into genuine CG movies that would be distributed digitally rather than theatrically. However, the very idea of removing yet more content from our legally-purchased games will be utterly abhorrent to many... and we'd love to know where you stand. [Eurogamer]

Is this a step too far? Should Activision keep their hands off our cutscenes? Have your say in the comments!

Kinect To Receive Killer Hardcore Japanese Lineup From Legendary Developers

From Pay-Per-Cutscene to Kinect's Hardcore Surprise - News Roundup 16th September 2010

Kinect's launch lineup contains a few casual experiences, but many pundits (myself included) have been a little disappointed by how shallow much of the upcoming library appears to be. However, the latest surprise announcement from the Tokyo Game Show is set to change all that. Rejoice, hardcore gamers, because no less than four triple-A exclusives are headed towards Microsoft's mocap peripheral from the Land of the Rising Sun. Microsoft Game Studios has managed to recruit the services of several legendary Japanese developers including Suda51, Yukio Futatsugi and mech specialists From Software. Here's the latest from Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.

  • Codename D: From the worrying mind of Suda51 comes a twisted escape from a bizarre and violent theme park. Expect intuitive ultraviolence and a public outcry about how it's 'training' us in brutal combat.
  • Project Draco: Panzer Dragoon deserves a sequel. It must have a sequel. From its original creator comes project Draco: a spiritual successor that will allow us to control our dragon with context-sensitive movements. Panzer Dragoon Orta was a cult original Xbox exclusive, and we're delighted to see the concept making a welcome return.
  • Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: The original Steel Battalion was From Software's most detailed Mech sim... that shipped with one of the most ridiculous and impressive peripherals of all time. Now it has no peripheral at all. Expect some tight and precise action from one of the undisputed masters of the Mech subgenre.
  • Rise of Nightmares: Details are thin on the ground, but apparently this will be a full-body horror experience. We'll tell you more as we hear it, folks.

Oh, and Haunt has also been announced. It hasn't been included with the others because it's based on family friendly fun and involves 'gleefully' dodging ghost and traps in an old mansion. In fact, it's the odd one out. Moving on.

These four titles will hopefully prove Kinect's worth to the hardcore market- and prove that Microsoft is still capable of securing some exclusives. With the loss of Bungie and Bioware, we were starting to worry. [Major Nelson]

The Last Guardian Dated and Trailered

From Pay-Per-Cutscene to Kinect's Hardcore Surprise - News Roundup 16th September 2010

Finally. The promise of Team ICO's latest hit has been leaving us dry-mouthed with lust, but we've been hearing precious little over these last few months. Thankfully, lead designer Fumito Ueda has just confirmed a holiday 2011 release for the long-awaited title. It's still a long time to wait, but knowing is far better than the stifling uncertainty.

We've also been treated to a brand new HD trailer. Enjoy it. Revel in it.

The ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD collection and Studio Ghibli's Ni No Kuni are also headed to the PS3... essentially meaning that Sony's console is a vertitable smorgasbord of arthouse awesomeness. [VG247]

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ODB  Sep. 16, 2010 at 17:22

Koticks a dick! Youtube will just get more hits as people post up the cutscenes

I legally pay for all my games but if they start this bullshit I'll just download them and get the 360 modded. The greed of these corps will be their downfall and I hope the other companies take note of people getting put off their sales and take them over. This is the probklem when copmpanies get too big...Activision and EA own way too mcuh of the games world and are trying to take it over. This wont happen yet but if they keep mucling everyone out then it will happen eventually

These guys are becoming the gaming worlds equivalent to Tesco's

Robovski  Sep. 17, 2010 at 02:23

Why would I pay for a set of cutscenes? Generally we don't like sitting through them anyhow, it's see them once and then hit X repeatedly until it goes away. Sure, the story will be hurt without them, but then I won't have to judge whether that's a cutscene in the advert or not any longer.

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