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From "WoW In Space" To Dead Island - News Roundup 17th February 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Rumour: Bungie Working On "WoW In Space?"

From "WoW In Space" To Dead Island - News Roundup 17th February 2011

Blam. Here's another megaton rumour courtesy of Kotaku, who have reportedly caught wind of details regarding Bungie's latest project. According to a confidential source, the game will be a massive-multiplayer FPS that ascribes to being "WoW in space." The project is entitled Destiny, though is apparently known internally as Tiger.

The recently laid-off source also suggested that "unfair treatment" is currently rife within the studio, but since he's been let go, we can probably chalk this up to sour grapes as much as Activision getting up to their old tricks.

As far as the new IP is concerned, we'll simply have to wait and see. However, it ties in nicely with hints about a persistent online world from Bungie's Joe Staten last year. We'll keep you posted. [Kotaku]

New Dead Island Trailer: Holiday From Hell

Techland have released a new trailer for Dead Island: their first person zombie title set on a vacation resort. As well as four-player cooperative functionality, weapon customisation and RPG elements, the new trailer attempts to convince us that it will take a more emotional tack than most titles in the genre. You know, like that certain Valve game. Whether the final product will actually manage it is anyone's guess.

The explicit nature of the trailer is also set to kick off another round of the ever-tedious violent games debate. At least it might help boot Bulletstorm out of the firing line. [Thanks, IGN]

Chancellor Backs UK Games Industry In Tacit Meeting

From "WoW In Space" To Dead Island - News Roundup 17th February 2011

The Coalition government may have reneged on its predecessors promises to provide tax breaks to the UK gaming industry, but Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly met with senior gaming figures to discuss supporting British-based studios. Industry guru Ian Livingstone (who recently penned a far-reaching report into the state of the UK gaming curriculum) felt that the meeting was an "acknowledgment" of their importance to the economy, and that it has laid the foundations for close future cooperation.

The fact that we had representation at the meeting is an acknowledgment in itself that the videogames industry is being taken seriously and that it is important socially, culturally and economically to the UK.

There was certainly a great sense of his wanting to work with, and assist, the digital and creative industries to ensure they become a cornerstone of the UK economy, acknowledged and viewed as a valuable sector like the financial and pharmaceutical sectors.

With our homegrown British developers and outsourced studios contributing to our country's economy and workforce, we hope that Osborne will see fit to support their growth- as well as providing better IT education from a secondary school level. [gamesindustry]

Sony Starts First Round Of PSN Hacker Bans

From "WoW In Space" To Dead Island - News Roundup 17th February 2011

And the hammer comes crashing down. As part of their effort to crack down on PS3 hackers, Sony has started the first wave of irreversable PSN bans that will block modified hardware from the Playstation network. Here's the official line:

By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.

According to several reports, hackers or homebrew users will receive an email threatening immediate service denial unless the console is reset to factory standards.

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