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From Playstation+ Price to 3D Reactions - News Roundup 17th June 2010F

Jonathan Lester
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Games news, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, Sony

Playstation+ Priced For UK; With a Sting in the Tail

From Playstation+ Price to 3D Reactions - News Roundup 17th June 2010F

Sony has officially confirmed a £39.99 annual price for its PSN premium subscription service. Playstation+ will be hitting on June 29th along with Firmware update 3.40, which will also apparently add cross-game chat for both regular and plus subscribers.

Playstation+ will give you access to a number of premium features including early demo access, premium themes and PS Home items, PSN discounts... and of course, the ability to play to a bunch of free games (including PSN titles and Minis). However, sharp-eyed readers will notice that you don't get free games and downloads to keep; only the ability to download and play them while the subscription lasts. Sony has confirmed that any and all free content will freeze and/or deactivate when Playstation+ subscription terminates or expires. This won't be a big deal for diehard Sony fans, but might be a dealbreaker for the average gamer. [Playstation+]

3D: Nintendo Hints for Next Console, Microsoft Slams

From Playstation+ Price to 3D Reactions - News Roundup 17th June 2010F

Motion control may be the current major fad du jour, but the move towards 3D gaming has been making a steady surge towards the mainstream. Sony's currently making a high-profile effort to get 3D into the living room (mainly due to their debut line of staggeringly dear 3D televisions), but Nintendo and Microsoft have also declared their own take on next-gen console 3D.

Whilst Nintendo has stated that there's "no immediate need to replace the Wii", Satoru Iwata has strongly suggested that 3D will play a major role in the next console... depending on whether or not it takes off.

“If you display a 3D image, the image quality becomes extremely bad, so we’d probably do it with the next system. We’re thinking that the timing should be once the 3D television adoption rate crosses the 30% mark. We’re looking at the adoption trends.” [VG247]

Microsoft, on the other hand, has predictably slammed the move towards three-dimensional gaming. Citing the technology as a prohibitively expensive novelty, Microsoft UK Boss Neil Thompson has reaffirmed Microsoft's commitment to controller-free gaming before considering 3D in any significant way. Basically, Kinect Good, 3D Bad.

Does 3D gaming get your juices flowing... or is it a cosmetic step sideways for the industry? Have your say in the comments!

Castlevania: LOS Mounted Combat and Experience Explained

From Playstation+ Price to 3D Reactions - News Roundup 17th June 2010F

We've been keeping a close eye on Castlevania's Next-Gen debut, and we've finally been able to witness its take on mounted combat and experience system courtesy of Gametrailers. Kojima has been working to ensure that the characters and tone manage to toe the line between badass, scary and relatable... and from what we can see, it's working. The combat is looking exceptionally fluid and accessible, with a mounted section providing high speed thrills. This is definitely one to watch!

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Gunn  Jun. 17, 2010 at 20:04

Seems a bit unfair to criticise Sony for being expensive when they are the ones investing in this technology, while Nintendo sits on the sidelines until enough people have one then jump on the bandwagon.

Matt Gardner  Jun. 17, 2010 at 22:29

As a gamer I think I care even less about 3D than I do about motion control, but so much of that has to do with the fact that it's going to be obscenely expensive for the next few years. Gunn's right, that's just the way new technology is. Microsoft can afford to scoff at 3D for the moment, as can Nintendo....they don't have a load of 3D Bravias that need homes.

I'm very curious as to the price point for the 3DS, though.

As for Playstation+, I don't reckon that'll be too much of a dealbreaker. The core PSN membership still gives you a lot more than XBL Silver and it's only natural I suppose that privileges you'd enjoyed whilst paying a monthly subscription would be unavailable should that subscription expire. Sony aren't really going after the casual gamer with that one - if they did they'd charge for everything a la Microsoft - but I reckon if they support it well enough it could work really well for them.

Robert Turner  Jun. 18, 2010 at 03:34

It will be years before I even consider replacing my Panasonic plasma, and I wear glasses so sorry Sony. I own a PS3 but I have no interest in the 3D, and my ill-considered Wii purchase turned me off motion control. I'm not worried about Playstation+ as it doesn't hurt me. I don't think I'll be signing up right away though (but I'm still undecided) as I already have Age of Zombies and Wipeout HD and my internet isn't really going to support their movie service very well (village life). It could work well, I hope it does.

Paul  Jun. 18, 2010 at 10:22

Nah, not bothered about 3D - MS are right for once, it is an expensive novelty. It does nothing for movies for me - even after Avatar I was left thinking "I could have spent less on the 2D and had the same mount of fun" - and it's bound to increase development time and costs.

@Gunn: Sony are the ones investing in 3D *TVs* not consoles - a different part of the business, so it's still fair to criticise their consoles. Nintendo aren't in the TV business.

ODB  Jun. 18, 2010 at 14:47

3D will take years to take off and I dont think it will be really big until they get rid of the glasses...right now its pointless but in a few years maybe it will be the norm.

Why on earth people are rushing out to buy 3D tv's when there is no content out for them yet is beyond me!?


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