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From Free Alien Swarm to Mega Man Universe - News Roundup 17th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Halo: Reach

Alien Swarm Hits Steam on Monday- For Free

From Free Alien Swarm to Mega Man Universe - News Roundup 17th July 2010

When it comes to things that we genuinely love here at Dealspwn, Free Games and Valve will always factor somewhere into our top five. Luckily we're going to be able to enjoy both on Monday, because Valve will be releasing Alien Swarm on Steam for absolutely nothing.

Once a humble Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, Alien Swarm is now a fully fledged four player cooperative experience that offers deep squad tactics, distinct character classes and a bug hunt of epic proportions. Black Cat Games, the developers behind the original mod, were snaffled up by Valve two years ago and have been working on the likes of Left 4 Dead and Portal 2... and it'll be great to see them returning to their roots.

Half news, half deal and all awesome. Free, too. [Steam]

Halo Reach Reveals New Gear... and Familiar Faces

From Free Alien Swarm to Mega Man Universe - News Roundup 17th July 2010

This week's Halo Reach update brings us details of the new armoury and customisation mechanics, including a massively detailed list of the starting armour options. There'll be a huge range of helmets, modifications and cosmetic options to obsess over... but eagle-eyed viewers will notice the presence of Master Chief, Cortana and Sergeant Johnson down in the right hand corner. Before you get too excited, though, Bungie have revealed that these are simply Firefight skins rather than an epic crossover... shame really.

More excitingly, a selection of of nifty avatar awards will also be unlocked during the campaign and multiplayer; with an exclusive Noble 6 helmet being made available to Comicon PAX and Gamescom attendees. It's great to see a Triple-A developer supporting the avatar award system. [Bungie]

Kane & Lynch 2 Demo to Brutalise PSN Next Week

From Free Alien Swarm to Mega Man Universe - News Roundup 17th July 2010

Annoyed that the limited Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo didn't reach the PS3? Worry not, Sony fans, because Sony has just announced that the playable demo will be hitting PSN next week. Playstation+ subscribers will be able to check it out on the 19th of July, with regular PSN users two days later.

Why not check out my demo impressions and find out you're in store for?

Mega Man Universe to Platform Outside the Box

From Free Alien Swarm to Mega Man Universe - News Roundup 17th July 2010

Capcom has announced Mega Man Universe for XBLA and PSN- but promise that it's going to be very different from their usual fare. Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune has stated that whilst MMU will deliver an experience that will sate the hardcore as well as inject a shot of innovation into the franchise.

"For the next chapter in this legacy of excellence, Capcom aims to deliver the most creative Mega Man experience yet. In Mega Man Universe, imagination is the star of the game,"- Keiji Inafune

The official trailer seems to suggest that Mega Man will be able to use the abilities of classic Capcom titles (such as Ryu's signature Hadouken and Sir Arthur's armour) to defeat his enemies... though we still don't know whether it will be another nu-retro platformer or something a little more inventive. Personally, we're hoping for a LBP-style platformer with accessible level creation tools. Why not have a look and see what you think? [Eurogamer]

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