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From Miyamoto's Best to Kojima's Mechs - News Roundup 12th April 2010

Jonathan Lester
Games news, Kojima, Miyamoto, Nintendo, Silicon Knights

Miyamoto: the "Best is Yet to Come"

From Miyamoto's Best to Kojima's Mechs - News Roundup 12th April 2010

In a recent interview with GamesTM, Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that his games development is only getting warmed up. Though detractors can point out that the Wii's lineup has been fairly lukewarm with a couple of fantastic traditional IPs, the legendary developer is convinced that Nintendo will continue going from strength to strength.

“Ten years ago I could never have been able to imagine that I would be making games like that. That’s why I can say that the best is yet to come to me.”

Naturally, the question of an HD-enabled Wii or true successor was quickly brought up- and countered bya standard non-denial. However, it seems that Ninty's next console will continue to exploit new consumer niches and control input methods.

“I think that in the next generation of hardware, the challenge is how unique and different a product Nintendo is able to make.”

When GamesTM told Miyamoto that they’d "love to see a new Starfox game for Wii", he glibly replied: “Me too.” Gamers have been itching for a new Lylat Wars or Starwing- style arcade flight sim for years, but hopefully we won't just be seeing another generic ground-based platformer in the vein of Starfox Adventures. It's about time to dust off our beloved Arwings and take to the wild back yonder once again! [GamesTM via MCV]

Kojima muses on next game... and "Mechs?"

From Miyamoto's Best to Kojima's Mechs - News Roundup 12th April 2010

Hideo Kojima has been making frequent appearances in our recent news updates thanks to the flurry of MGS: Peace Walker announcements, but he's now dropped a couple of tasty hints about his next project. According to his twitter account, he's got a mental picture of what he wants from the title... and an interesting turn of phrase suggests that it might contain some of his trademark mechs.

"I'm thinking about the casting for my next project. I haven't even gotten to the planning stage yet, but everything is moving forward in my head. The title, game design story, characters, configuration, settings, the mechs, casting, the way the graphics will look, sound, beginning and ending, the important dramatic sequences. It all fits together naturally in my head."

Now hold your horses for a second. "Mechs" could well be referring to the combat and physics mechanics- but as an avid fan of enormous robots, I hope he's alluding to a whole mess of bipedal war materiel. Frankly, the Zone of the Enders franchise deserves a next-gen debut. [1UP]

Silicon Knights nets $4 million for New Jobs

From Miyamoto's Best to Kojima's Mechs - News Roundup 12th April 2010

Silicon Knights, the Canadian developers behind the profoundly wonderful Eternal Darkness and the woefully mediocre Too Human, have been awarded a $4 million grant from the Canadian government to fuel their next project. This money will be used to fund 65 new jobs, revitalising the studio in the wake of Too Human's fairly weak sales.

Whilst Silicon Knights have stated that their current project will take 2-5 years to complete, it's difficult to tell what they're actually working on. Too Human was originally slated to be a trilogy, but they've also been hinting at a title codenamed "the Box" since late last year. [Welland Tribune via Gamesindustry.biz]

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