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From PSP2 Photos To Johnny 5's Evil Twin - News Roundup 18th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
iPad, iPhone, Kinect, Lync, Microsoft, PSP2, RAGE: Mutant Bash TV, Robot, Sony

PSP2 Dev Kit Photos Confirm New Features

From PSP2 Photos To Johnny 5's Evil Twin - News Roundup 18th November 2010

VG247 have snagged a series of photos displaying one of the PSP2 Dev kits... which means that we can confirm a whole raft of rumoured features.The pics may be grainy, but they clearly display the following:

  • Dual thumbsticks
  • D-Pad
  • Forward and rear-facing cameras
  • Large rear trackpad (visible on ventral view)
  • Microphone

Note that this is an early version with a 'sliding screen' form factor- though reports indicate that the later models will be a traditional single unit. This change in form factor is apparently due to major overheating in the prototype units, as we've previously reported. [Thanks, VG247]

What isn't visible is the data storage format. Our current bet is still on protected memory sticks and direct PSN downloads.

RAGE Mutant Bash Hits iPhones Today

From PSP2 Photos To Johnny 5's Evil Twin - News Roundup 18th November 2010

We recently brought you the skinny on Mutant Bash, the id Tech 5-powered iPhone shooter that provides a first foray into the RAGE universe. It's a fast and furious arcade FPS that focuses on insane combat and crazy combos- and is now available to download for the bargain price of £1.19.

It's compatible with iPhones and the iPad, though it weighs in at a whopping 540MB.

Kinect Robots, Meetings & Shortages

From PSP2 Photos To Johnny 5's Evil Twin - News Roundup 18th November 2010

Microsoft's Motion Capture peripheral has been making a splash in our news roundups recently (as well as our full review), and we've got a few more Kinect updates for your delectation.

First of all, despite previously assuring us that Kinect's supply chain was "healthy," Microsoft has warned consumers that the Christmas sales window is closing rapidly. Xbox boss Don Mattrick suggests that you order the peripheral "by the end of this week” if you want it under the Christmas tree. The British supply seems to be fairly healthy at present (with many online retails still stocking for immediate delivery), but if you want to be sure, you might want to get your skates on. [Tech Crunch]

Microsoft has also confirmed that Kinect's video chat functionality will soon be integrated into Lync, their business video conferencing server. It can transmit and receive with PC users as well as the Windows Phone 7... meaning that tough hostile takeovers could be negotiated through a tense game of Rally Ball. [Games Industry]

Finally, Kinect's homebrewed PC drivers have reached a new level. The peripheral already looks like Johnny 5's evil twin... and Philipp Robbel, a student at MIT's Personal Robotics Group, has combined the gadget with a hacked Roomba to create a motion and depth sensing robot. I'll let the footage speak for itself.

Am I the only pundit who thinks that Microsoft isn't playing Kinect's hacked PC functionality to their advantage? The PC crowd represents an entirely new and unexpected target audience for the peripheral and could potentially provide an entirely new (not to mention profitable) commercial venture.

Want to weigh in on Kinect, hacking or awesome robots? Drop us a line in the comments!

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Rubisco  Nov. 20, 2010 at 16:44

"This change in form factor is apparently due to..."

Everyone thinking the Go was a bit shit?

Jonathan Lester  Nov. 20, 2010 at 20:36

The redesign is partly due to the fact that the single static unit can house bigger fans and space out the heat-producing components more efficiently...

... and exactly what you just said. :P Sony will be desperate to make us forget about the Go- especially if PSN is the main method of acquiring new games for the PSP2.


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