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From Max Payne 3 Slip To Some Crusty Old Games - News Roundup 19th December 2010

Jonathan Lester
Cosmic Monsters, Games news, Max Payne 3, Tennis For Two

Max Payne 3 May Miss 2011?

From Max Payne 3 Slip To Some Crusty Old Games - News Roundup 19th December 2010

After Max Payne 2 delivered a short but incredibly sweet stylish slaughterfest back in 2003... and . We were delighted when we learned that Max Payne 3 was indeed in development (though we weren't thrilled about his new slaphead), but a series of delays have continued to push the anticipated shooter out of its release windows and the public consciousness.

The last delay occurred six months ago and projected a 2011 release date... but here's a new hitch. Take Two has just published a schedule of their upcoming games (including Bioshock Infinite in 2012), and unfortunately Max Payne 3 is nowhere to be found. When asked by Kotaku, Take Two were only willing to say that the title is still in development and more news will be available "over the coming months." Unfortunately this all adds up to Max Payne 3 slipping into 2012- though bear in mind that this is just a likely interpretation of the facts at this stage.

We're more than happy to wait until it's ready- but too much longer and we'll have found our new whipping boy. After all, even Duke Nukem Forever is will be hitting shelves before it. We'll let you know more as we hear it.

Physicists Rebuild "First Ever" Videogame

From Max Payne 3 Slip To Some Crusty Old Games - News Roundup 19th December 2010

When most people think of the 'first' videogames, they tend to trot out the likes of Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Pong. Wrongly. Physicist Dr. Willy Higinbotham created a crude tennis game in 1958 out of oscilloscopes and lab equipment, wowing visitors to the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

A group of Brookhaven scientists are now rebuilding the ancient game from the ground up, recycling the obsolete lab tech to create a fitting tribute to this crusty old masterpiece... and its crusty old creator. We salute Dr. Higinbotham and Tennis for Two- and if nothing else, you've learned something today.

World Record Set On UK Scrapheap Salvage

From Max Payne 3 Slip To Some Crusty Old Games - News Roundup 19th December 2010

Let's wrap up this lazy Sunday afternoon with a human interest story... and yep, it's another story of old scrap made good. Justin Baxter rescued a battered old Cosmic Monsters cabinet from a skip over a decade ago, and has now smashed the US-held 27 year old high score. 145,680 points is an immense piece of work, requiring the equivalent of 15 weeks of cumulative practice.

The Cornish store clerk-turned-champion made the following statement.

I knew I could beat it. Over the last seven years I’ve honed a system. I always wondered what it would be like to tell people I’m a world record holder and now I can find out. I’m not sure how impressed they’ll be though. [SWNS]

We're very impressed, Justin. Congratulations for a truly impressive achievement: no, not the score. Actually playing this terrible old Space Invaders ripoff in the first place is worthy of our adulation, respect and pity. Rule Britannia!

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