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From Mechanical Damage To The Winter Uprising - News Roundup 1st December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5

Mechanical Damage, Wheels & Lounges Headed To GT5

From Mechanical Damage To The Winter Uprising - News Roundup 1st December 2010

Gran Turismo 5 is currently gaming's hottest topic, both in terms of sales and controversy. Polyphony Digital boss (and auteur-supreme) Kazunori  Yamauchi has revealed that myriad patches will be improving several aspects of the game over the next few weeks. The eagle-eyed fans at GT Planet have the full skinny, but here are some of the more important updates that are headed your way.

  • Mechanical Damage. The delayed bodywork damage has been causing no end of controversy (is it a trap for reviewers or a cynical way of artificially lengthening a repetitive game?), but true mechanical damage will be arriving later this month.
  • Racing Wheel Support for Logitech G25 and G27 models. This really ought to have been included from the get-go. It's a no-brainer.
  • Online Lounge Functionality will be added "one by one." We're looking forward to getting a place to kick back, relax and show off our best replays. These features will come when they're done.

[GT Planet via VG247]

Microsoft Details Rewards Program

From Mechanical Damage To The Winter Uprising - News Roundup 1st December 2010

A reward program that earns free Microsoft points for active Xbox Live members has been on the cards for some time- and MS has finally detailed how the promotion will work. The official site demonstrates a few examples of the prizes that are in store for both Free and Gold members.

Money for nothing. And 'cool prizes'. It may be a cynical ploy to sucker new members into paying for Gold membership, but we still like it. [Thanks, Kotaku]

The Winter Indie Uprising Ignites Today!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the games are so delightful. The Xbox Live Indie Winter Uprising has kicked off today with the release of Epic Dungeon... to be followed by a startlingly excellent selection of titles throughout the week. We'll take a closer look at Epic Dungeon in our Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week roundup- but for now, start earmarking those stray points.

Viva la revolucion. Long live the uprising!

Rumour Controlled: Binary Domain Is Real

From Mechanical Damage To The Winter Uprising - News Roundup 1st December 2010

It looks like our Japanese intel was right on the money. After leaked copies of Famitsu magazine rumoured that a new "robot shooter" was set for a reveal today, SEGA has officially announced that Binary Domain is indeed in development. You can glean more information about the project along with our previous confirmed rumours, but Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi offered some new insight into the unique themes that will hopefully elevate it above being just another Sci-Fi TPS.

When you hear sci-fi you may think of cold, clinical environments, [but] with Binary Domain I wanted to combine this with a deep human drama. The keyword we have in mind for this project is 'Life'. I wanted to make something that will be accepted by both the Japanese and Western markets, and this fundamental theme is something everyone knows but which the full extent of can be difficult to grasp. - Toshihiro Nagoshi

There's also a new trailer for your eager delectation. Enjoy.

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ODB  Dec. 2, 2010 at 09:44

From the screens it reminds me a lot of a couple of certain robot based films....then add in Nagoshi's comments and I cant help but feel it sounds like iRobot-the game...which if done right would be ok I suppose

They look to be based on iRobot spliced with a terminator

Gunn  Dec. 2, 2010 at 10:28

MS rewards sounds much like the PS rewards scheme. Good for everyone I say.

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