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From New Timesplitters to Presidential Zombies - News Roundup 1st November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Crytek UK Pitching New Timesplitters Title

From New Timesplitters to Presidential Zombies - News Roundup 1st November 2010

Yes! YES! Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical) are currently pitching the notion of resurrecting the beloved Timesplitters IP for the current console generation- either as a sequel or a reboot of the franchise.

We’re talking to publishers at the moment about whether that’s [TimeSplitters] a viable route or not.

There hasn’t been a TimeSplitters game for quite a while. Obviously TimeSplitters is a FPS with a strong multiplayer element. The question is, is that the way to go with another one, or should it go down a different route, or should we be developing a new IP altogether? - Crytek UK boss Karl Hilton to Eurogamer

The idea is still in the early pitching stages, but apparently many publishers are showing significant interest. Timesplitters delivered a lighthearted FPS experience that focused on unadulterated fun over gritty realism (something many games have lost sight of), and we'd love to have it back. However, the "Twisted Sister" concept art that emerged earlier this year suggests that the series might be in for a slightly more mature makeover. [Eurogamer]

Is it high time for a new Timesplitters title? Do you miss the monkeys? Have your say and show your supports in the comments!

Mikami Will Continue To Produce Shadows Of The Damned

From New Timesplitters to Presidential Zombies - News Roundup 1st November 2010

Tango Gameworks' recent defection to Zenimax and Bethesda has left the future of Shinji Mikami/Suda51 collaboration Shadows Of The Damned in doubt, but apparently Mikami will continue as the game's producer despite the buyout. A Zenimax rep has confirmed that “Shinji will serve as creative lead on the games developed at Tango Gamework and will fulfil his remaining obligations to Grasshopper pursuant to their prior agreement," meaning that EA will be able to ship the resultant ultraviolent title in late 2011. Why not check out the short and sweet Halloween Trailer[Thanks, VG247]

In other Tango news, some bizarre new concept artwork has surfaced on their blog. We're not sure what to make of it yet- but it's likely that Mikami has a twisted new title in store for us.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Now Live

From New Timesplitters to Presidential Zombies - News Roundup 1st November 2010

In case you don't know, the new Xbox 360 dashboard update launched today. It's a crisp, clean new look that delivers a few incremental and cosmetic tweaks. You can read up on the new features here, though don't expect anything particularly exciting until Kinect launches later this month.

Us Brits and European gamers will doubtlessly continue to notice the distinct lack of value-added extras when compared to the PS3 or even the Wii. No iPlayer. No Netflix. No nothing. Expect this week's Game Buzz column to take a closer look at this odd disparity between the systems.

Black Ops Zombie Mode Confirmed; Play As JFK!

From New Timesplitters to Presidential Zombies - News Roundup 1st November 2010

Spoiler alert. The return of Treyarch's Zombie Killing cooperative mode in their upcoming blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of gaming's worst-kept secrets (despite the best efforts of Activision PR), but the latest leaked video confirms that it will unlock after completing the game. The iconic John F. Kennedy, cuban dictator Fidel Castro, corrupt president Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Robert McNamara have apparently put aside their differences (and any semblance of canon) in order to fight off the zombie hordes, with the first level taking place in the pentagon.

You can see the video here, though it's unfortunately embedded within loads of leaked spoileriffic footage from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Black Ops singleplayer, including the very end of the game. Sorry, but it's the best we can manage- and we haven't included it here to avoid any controversy down the line. [Thanks, Everythingforgamers]

SKIP FORWARD TO 4:25 TO CUT STRAIGHT TO THE CLIP and bypass the singleplayer endgame sequence- but even so, consider this a massive spoiler warning. We take no responsibility for ruining Black Ops if you decide to watch the video in its entirety!

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