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From Bioware Blowout to XIO Footage - News Roundup 20th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, Forcetek, Nintendo 3DS, Star Wars The Old Republic, XIO

Star Wars The Old Republic: Bioware Blowout!

From Bioware Blowout to XIO Footage - News Roundup 20th June 2010

Bioware has revealed a deluge of details about their upcoming MMORPG based on the KOTOR universe. It's roundup time!

  • SWTOR's singleplayer will be "far, far bigger" than any previous Bioware game. Not only will the singleplayer have an enormous amount of content, but it will also have an Origins backstory system that changes depending on your chosen class (much like Dragon Age)... that affects the entire game. Apparently, you won't see the same events twice if you play it through as a different character.
  • Revan and the Exile's loose ends will finally be tied up. It's about time. KOTOR 1 and 2 may have wrapped up their specific story arcs fairly well, but were extremely reluctant to tie in these events to the Star Wars universe in general...or hint at what happened afterwards. Luckily, writing director Daniel Erickson has confirmed that The Old Republic will answer most of our questions as well as ground the series into the Star Wars canon. Also, he's coyly avoided stating that Revan and The Exile are dead...so they might be making an appearance!
  • SWTOR isn't out to kill World of Warcraft. Apparently, Bioware are just trying to create a great game that'll give us hours of online Star Wars shenanigans. With any luck, their strong singleplayer will attract a whole new audience into the world of MMORPGs... though it'll take some seriously impressive publicity and pricing to poach a significant option of WOW's player base. [VG247]

3DS To Get SNES Revival

From Bioware Blowout to XIO Footage - News Roundup 20th June 2010

We're absolutely psyched for the 3DS' upcoming arsenal of new games and three-dimensional N64 ports, but apparently we'll also be witnessing a retro revival. The demo reels feature such classics as Mega Man 2, Castlevania, Urban Champion, Kid Icarus, Yoshi's Island, Smash Ping Pong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Tennis, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Mystery of Murasame Castle (phew).

These classic titles will be given a new 3D lease of life with 'pop-up book' style effects, but Nintendo are currently being very cagey about whether they'll be released separately or as part of a bundle package. Personally, I predict that these titles will be downloadable, low cost offerings with the minimum of graphical upgrades. [1UP]

Forcetek XIO is Armed and Ready!

From Bioware Blowout to XIO Footage - News Roundup 20th June 2010

Remember the Xio? We recently informed you that Forcetek were bringing the gauntlet portion of their exoskeletal motion control peripheral to E3... and we're delighted to bring you some footage of the Xio in action.

Whilst we're still not sold on the concept (in fact, even the official demonstrator was making a real hash of the MW2 training pit), it's gratifying to see that it works. We're especially impressed by the melee action that mimics a slash or stab. [Thanks, SeriousZone]

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