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From PS3 Splinter Cell Collection To Harmonix Bonus Lawsuit - News Roundup 21st December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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HD Splinter Cell Trilogy Confirmed For PS3

From PS3 Splinter Cell Collection To Harmonix Bonus Lawsuit - News Roundup 21st December 2010

M0re great news for Sony fans. Just in case nabbing Mass Effect 2 isn't enough for you, Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the rumoured HD Splinter Cell Trilogy is indeed headed to the PS3. This package will include high def updates of the original Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. We don't know whether Move support will be included, but we reckon that stereoscopic 3D will probably make an appearance (due to the fact that the Ubisoft-produced Prince Of Persia HD Trilogy could be played in 3D). Expect Sam Fisher to split jump his way onto the PS3 at some point next year. [IGN]

This is a significant statement of intent. Considering Splinter Cell's overt Microsoft affiliation up until this point, we can surmise that future Splinter Cell titles will now be multiplatform releases or timed exclusives.

DC Universe Online Dated For January

From PS3 Splinter Cell Collection To Harmonix Bonus Lawsuit - News Roundup 21st December 2010

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the anticipated PC/PS3 superhero MMO is set for a simultaneous dual platform launch on 14th January 2011. We're excited about the potential to create unique and exciting heroes on the PC, but many PS3 owners are worried about having to pay a monthly subscription on top of a premium RRP. Luckily DC Universe Online Game Director Chris Cao has stepped forward to explain the decision.

A little over a decade ago, people questioned subscription fees on a PC... Then they stepped into those first worlds, lived online, and came to realize that the experience was worth the expense.

The same thing is going to happen on the PS3. People are always willing to pay for good games, especially when they continue to grow and change. We've made a great game in DCUO and we're going to keep adding to it with each and every update.

In our opinion, subscription fees are often a good thing. They keep out the griefers, trophy hunters and... well... idiots... but we'd love to get your take on the situation. Either way, DC Universe Online promised to be the first MMO on the Playstation 3 and will soon deliver thanks to Final Fantasy XIV's woeful delays. [Eurogamer]

Harmonix Sue Viacom Over Performance Bonuses

From PS3 Splinter Cell Collection To Harmonix Bonus Lawsuit - News Roundup 21st December 2010

Viacom's recent decision to drop the undisputed kings of the music genre hit Harmonix pretty hard. EA passed up the opportunity to bring them on board, essentially leaving them without a publisher and with an extremely uncertain future. The situation has now turned decidedly nasty with a new lawsuit claiming that Viacom "diverted opportunities" from the studio in order to wriggle out of paying hefty performance related bonuses.

Viacom's distribution deal meant that every $1.00 worth of distribution fees that Harmonix saved during 2008 should result in a $3.50 payout to the disgruntled ex-shareholders (including the Harmonix founders)- but they simply haven't paid out. Apparently they're owed 3.5 times any gross profit in excess of $32 million earned in 2007, with a similar capped payment for 2008. This outstanding bonus runs into millions of dollars. [Gamasutra]

I hope they know what they're getting into. These cases can be extremely difficult to prove and even harder to settle... and we all know that they can take an age to resolve. Just ask West and Zampella...

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