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From Duke's Perfection To Infinity Ward's Regeneration - News Roundup 21st November 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Bioshock Infinite | Duke Nukem Forever

DNF Delays "Weren't A Quest For Perfection"

From Duke's Perfection To Infinity Ward's Regeneration - News Roundup 21st November 2010

George Broussard, Duke Nukem Forever's original designer, usually makes the news these days by blowing the whistle on industry job losses and mass firings. After all, it's a topic close to his heart after 3D Realms was shut down. With Gearbox polishing off their oft-delayed project, Broussard has finally gotten around to explaining why it took so damn long.

I wish there was an easy or dramatic answer for what took so long but there just isn't. It was just never ready. We had lots of development issues along the way. It wasn't a quest for perfection..."

The controversial developer went on to explain that their major mistake was continually changing game engines. After all, they had DNF ready to ship on the original Unreal Engine!

I think what hurt us the most was licensing engines and trying to change them too much," Broussard continued. "S*** happens and after delays the options are to continue or kill the game. I never wanted to kill the game. We got things turned around dramatically in 2007-2009, with a lot of new hires, and most of the game as it exists today was created in that timeframe.

Finally, when asked about whether Duke would be relevant in the 21st century, Broussard categorically stated that he provides a welcome and refreshing contrast to the "the cookie cutter, cardboard, generic game heroes that don't have an ounce of personality. It's OK to not like Duke or think him juvenile, but at least he's not boring and vanilla." Amen to that[Maximum PC]

Bioshock Infinite Will Not Be A Port On PS3

From Duke's Perfection To Infinity Ward's Regeneration - News Roundup 21st November 2010

PS3 fans rejoice. Rather than handing Bioshock Infinite over to a third party studio for a quick and nasty port, Irrational Games' Ken Levine has assured the Bioshock community that individual teams are working on each platform's engine in house. Irrational are committed to making a "great PS3 game" by taking advantage of its impressive capabilities rather than shackling it to the Xbox 360 version's performance.

Many developers frequently take the cheap and simple way out when PS3 ports are concerned. Developing for Sony's console can be a tricksy and arduous process- but we know that the results will speak for themselves. With three separate teams working on the engine, each console should hopefully boast an optimised experience. Here's hoping[Irrational Games]

Infinity Ward Restructuring Now Complete

From Duke's Perfection To Infinity Ward's Regeneration - News Roundup 21st November 2010

Activision has announced that the restructuring of the beleaguered (and hard-done-by) Infinity Ward has finally been completed. Over 5000 CVs have been sorted through and vetted, but now the studio is up to full strength and ready to- probably- get started on Modern Warfare 3.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, the CEO of Activision's parent company Vivendi, is pleased with the new setup- though claims that Treyarch are a more important asset than IW ever were. "The Treyarch studio, which made this year's game, has done better than what the Infinity Ward studio could achieve a year ago." We'd love to get your opinion on this one. [IGN]

Looks like Activision's three CoD studios are all ready for action. Remember that Sledgehammer is still quietly ticking along... making a "Space Marine" futuristic shooter if recent rumours are anything to go by.

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StauntonLick  Nov. 21, 2010 at 20:32

Treyarch's work on the narrative structure and multiplayer in Black Ops certainly places them (at last) above Infinity Ward. However, for Levy to effectively write off a studio that has generated millions of dollars for them is callous to say the least.

This is yet another indicator of the way money hates creativity. If the newly regenerated Infinity Ward can't produce a massive hit I can see them getting dropped before you can say "Modern Warfare 3".

Jeeves  Nov. 21, 2010 at 23:17

It is deeply saddening that PC gaming has been thrown by the wayside in today's console-focused age. Assassin's Creed 2, for example, was a horrific console port to the PC and is beleagued with bugs including console controls - and terrible joystick acceleration in place of native mouse acceleration which makes the game totally unplayable on the PC. The devs should be utterly, utterly ashamed. Another lost customer to Ubisoft.

Jonathan Lester  Nov. 21, 2010 at 23:21

Ah, and who can forget Deus Ex 2? That was a grim shadow of things to come for the PC scene.

Hopefully separate dev teams for each platform should produce an optimised version for everybody... rather than shafting people with dodgy ports.

Felix Kemp  Nov. 21, 2010 at 23:34

The problem with split-development teams is often that the publisher earmarks a platform they want to focus on, usually the 360, which sees the best conversion, whereas the PS3, despite being the toughest to develop for and yet the most promising, is offloaded onto a less well-known and less equipped developer. Pity.


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