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From Indie Trolls to Itagaki's Unknown Hardware - News Roundup 21st September 2010

Jonathan Lester
Activision, Bobby Kotick, Bungie, D3, Devil's Third, Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon, News

Kotick Trolls Entire Indie Scene

From Indie Trolls to Itagaki's Unknown Hardware - News Roundup 21st September 2010

Independent developers come in all shapes and sizes; from giants like Valve, Gearbox and Epic to small boutique developers like Mommy's Best Games. However, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has decided to lump them all together and soundly take the piss... at least vicariously. When asked about their partnership with Bungie at a recent Comms and Entertainment conference, Kotick calmly responded that they represent the only decent Independent developer out there.

"They're probably the last remaining high quality independent developer. It's very hard to [pauses]... that has sort of has institutional skills and capabilities. And they're a real company."

Halo Reach is currently topping the UK charts and there's no doubt that Bungie are an excellent studio with one of the best community support elements in the business. However, I'm not going to patronise you by pointing out everything that's wrong with the above comment. Discuss.

Kotick went on to state that Activision's "CRM" (Customer Relationship Management) services were key in swinging Bungie's decision... but by threatening to sell cutscenes to gamers less than a week ago, I'm not sure that the current state of our "relationship" is entirely rosy at the moment. A little more trust wouldn't go amiss. [CVG]

Itagaki Making Devil's Third For "Unknown" Next Gen Hardware

From Indie Trolls to Itagaki's Unknown Hardware - News Roundup 21st September 2010

Valhalla Entertainment is currently working on Devil's Third, a bloodthirsty and brutal brawler that's set to release in 2012. It's still a while away and is slated for both PS3 and Xbox 360, but Valhalla founder Tomonobu Itagaki has stated that it's being developed with mysterious currently unknown hardware in mind.

“We’re developing [Devil's Third] so that it can be brought to as yet unknown hardware as well. Specifically, the various areas of technology are scalable.”

This, in itself, is a laudable piece of future-proofing insurance that guarantees Devil's Third ought to look good two years down the line. However, you might be surprised by the choice of hardware that Itagaki's dreaming about. Since the Xbox 360 and PS3 are ostensibly still well within their projected lifespans, you might expect that this "unknown hardware" refers to the 3DS or PSP2... but Itagaki's talking about the next iteration of the Ninendo Wii.

"I can’t say this easily because I don’t have any information, it’s possible that Nintendo could release a higher end console."

So, is this an out of context quip or a prophetic vision of things to come? Well, Metroid creator Yoshio Yakamoto reckons that the next Ninty console will "leave our mouths open"... so there might well be something to it. [Andriasang via VG247]

D3 Teases Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon

From Indie Trolls to Itagaki's Unknown Hardware - News Roundup 21st September 2010

One of the smaller announcements of this year's Tokyo Game Show was that D3 Publisher will be releasing another Earth Defence Force title. Insect Armageddon promises to continue the proud tradition of insane cheesy arcade thrills at a bargain price, but unfortunately assets have been very thin on the ground. Thankfully D3 have now released a teaser trailer that nicely sets the B Movie-esque tone. The bugs are back, baby.


EDF2017 is an exceptional budget game that more than deserves a second look. It may be ugly and broken; but it delivers 50 levels, hundreds of weapons and ludicrously fun arcade gameplay. Unfortunately Sandlot Games won't be at the helm this time around... and considering that Vicious Cycle Software has taken the reigns, we're a little worried about how it might potentially turn out.

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