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From L.A. Leaks To Beta Late Than Never - News Roundup 22nd January 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Killzone 3 | L.A. Noire

Leaked Trailer Outs L.A. Noire For May Release?

Oops. Someone at 2K is going to be receiving a sound thrashing in the wake of a leaked L.A. Noire trailer hitting the internet... and outing the release date as May 17th.

It's entirely possible that this video is a hoax, but it looks kosher to us. 2K and Rockstar have yet to respond, but are pulling the video off of the internet as quickly as they can. [Thanks for the working VT, RipTen]

Killzone 3 Open Beta Announced

Hands up if you're excited about Killzone 3!


Damn, I'll need that hand to type. Anyways, Sony have announced that PSN users will be able to freely download the open beta from February 3rd, meaning that we'll have 20 days to get in some serious practice. It's not technically a beta since Killzone 3 has already gone gold, but hey, we'll take what we can get. Note that Helghast Edition pre-orders will also ship with accelerated rank experience over the first few days!

In the meantime, some new footage (embedded for your pleasure) sheds some light on 0ne of the new maps: Bilgarsk Boulevard.

Rumour: HD Metal Gear Solid Trilogy In The Works?

From L.A. Leaks To Beta Late Than Never - News Roundup 22nd January 2011

Last May, Sony tested the waters by asking gamers whether they'd buy reskinned HD versions of PS1-2 titles. The answer was a resounding yes please- and Metal Gear Solid was one of the most popular candidates for HD treatment.

Sly Cooper, Lara Croft and many other veteran heroes have signed up for high definition trilogy collections, but the current industry buzz is that Konami are currently working on the Metal Gear collection that we all truly deserve. It's just a rumour at present- but you'd better believe that this will happen sooner or later. Our money's on sooner. [OPM via CVG]

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geekbox  Jan. 22, 2011 at 16:24

Metal Gear collection HD yes please! Hope they do the game cube version. Also resident evil (1-4) collection would be btter then playing on a wii, urk.

as ricky g says - "Money for old rope"

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