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From Thor vs. Ameratsu to Kinect Retailer Contradictions - News Roundup 22nd July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Roundup

From Thor vs. Ameratsu to Kinect Retailer Contradictions - News Roundup 22nd July 2010

Capcom has been revealing a slew of new Marvel vs Capcom characters over these last 24 hours... and there are some real surprises on the list as well as some old faces. Let's take a look at the roster and their affiliations!

  • Ameratsu [Okami]: Wow, I genuinely didn't see this one coming. As the spirit of the Sun Goddess bound into the form of a great white wolf, Ameratsu is going to provide a brand new way of playing a fighting game. Armed with a selection of weapons and a magic brush (as well as razor-sharp claws and fangs), we can expect her to control very differently from what we're used to. It's great to see her making a cameo... though there may be some balance issues on account of her being a God-Wolf.
  • Chun Li [Street Fighter]: No surprise here, but we always love to see her (because of the nuanced kick-heavy fighting style rather than her epic thighs, honestly...)
  • Dr. Doom [Fantastic Four]: Another MvC regular. Veterans and newbies alike will rejoice at the renewed potential for projectile spamming!
  • Super Skrull [Fantastic Four]: Here's a new face- and it's a little obscure. Marvel fans and Ultimate Alliance players may recognise Super Skrull as a genetically-enhanced alien who combines all of the powers that th Fantastic Four has to offer. Able to harness fire, super strength, force fields and... stretchiness... Super Skrull should provide a worthwhile and versatile addition to the roster.
  • Thor [Marvel Comics]: The Asgardian God of thunder is set to make his Marvel vs Capcom review. Armed with the legendary hammer Mjolnir, Thor should prove to be a powerful close-range combatant bolstered by ranged lightning bolts.
  • Trish [Devil May Cry]: Trish is crazy. Crazy.

We couldn't be more excited about Marvel vs Capcom 3- and it seems the series isn't going to homogenise and give up its reputation for crazy characters just yet. [Destructoid]

Retailers Argue Over Kinect Price Tag

From Thor vs. Ameratsu to Kinect Retailer Contradictions - News Roundup 22nd July 2010

Tom's recent roundup of current Kinect preorder prices demonstrates that British retailers have very different interpretations of the £129 RRP... and two British captains of industry have stepped up to give very different opinions about the upcoming peripheral (courtesy of Gamesindustry.biz).

Martyn Gibbs (MD of GAME Group UK) is extremely upbeat. According to GAME, Kinect is a "fantastic piece of technology" that will become increasingly popular once consumers witness what it can do first-hand.

On the other hand, the joint-director of CHIPS (the largest independent UK-based retailer) paints a very different picture; stating that we consumers are simply failing to get excited about Kinect and that the pricing is "immature."

"When you see a new hardware product or a new peripheral, you normally see quite a response from the public. We're not seeing that, they're completely underwhelmed by it really."

Retailers can't agree on whether Kinect is going to be a game-changer or a missed opportunity... and we want to know where you stand. Is £129 too much? Have you preordered? Want to completely rag on the entire concept? Cast your votes in today's poll!

[Many thanks to Gamesindustry]

New Scott Pilgrim Trailer Rocks Out & Throws Down

From Thor vs. Ameratsu to Kinect Retailer Contradictions - News Roundup 22nd July 2010

As a retro fanatic, I've been keeping a close eye on Scott Pilgrim vs The World since its first epic trailer. After a truly stunning E3 festival (where it managed to pick up a bevy of awards) and a massive amount of web-wide hype, we've got a new slice of 18-bit awesomeness for your delectation.

The new trailer shows off the revival system, shopping mechanics, jamming with the band... and of course, throwing down and absolutely ruining hordes of enemies. As a timed Sony exclusive, it'll rock down to PSN on August 10th and follow onto XBLA a fortnight later. Safe to say, we'll be keeping you up to date with the latest.

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Dunny  Jul. 22, 2010 at 16:16

Regardless of the Kinects price, it's obviously not a product aimed at someone like me. I regretted buying a Wii and I won't be repeating that mistake anytime soon.

Robovski  Jul. 23, 2010 at 08:28

I agree with Dunny.

That said, nothing about the Daily Star's GTA Rotheram debacle? Check out CVG for the outrage!


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