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From Killzone 3 Leaked Details to the Eyes of Allard - News Roundup 22rd May 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Killzone 3

Killzone 3 Scans and Details Leak Out

From Killzone 3 Leaked Details to the Eyes of Allard - News Roundup 22rd May 2010

We always new that Killzone 3 was on the way, but the latest issue of Gamepro magazine is set to blow the lid right off it. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, however, we've got the early scoop thanks to some scans from All Games Beta. So, in order of how excited we are, here's a roundup of what we know. And we're very excited indeed.

  • 3D? Hells yes it's in 3D. Apparently KZ3 will feature "crazy" 3D effects, but will require glasses to experience them. We don't know if the game will be bundled with them yet.
  • Killzone 3 has Jetpacks! It seems that Halo Reach isn't the only current FPS that'll let us take to the skies Rocketman-style. The leaked info states that KZ3's jetpack will be “surprisingly lightweight and agile, [and] easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games.” Smack talk aside, this powerful new battlefield tool will allow for enhanced verticality as well as "Mario-style" platforming. Also, they've apparently got a machine gun mount. Awesome.
  • The atmosphere will "be like Inglorious B*sterds." A small ruthless guerrilla team of colourful veteran warriors fighting against a monstrous oppressor? Yes please. I just hope that Killzone's awful squad banter gets toned down somewhat.
  • The combat will "remain unchanged" whilst offering "diverse locales". We can expect more of the same solid shooting action in KZ3, but apparently we'll be able to beat down the Helghast in more visually appealing and interesting environments this time around. Killzone 2 was very grey, so hopefully we'll be seeing some green and arctic settings this time around.
  • KZ3 will explore the 'humanity' and language of the Helghast. Apparently, the Helghast aren't just evil emotionless killing machines bent on mankind's destruction. KZ3 will explore the last vestiges of humanity that remain trapped inside the tortured species (as well as their motivations), and will allow us to learn their language to some degree.

Ahem. Sorry, I might have gotten a little carried away there. Killzone 2 was a fantastically capable FPS, and we'll keep you updated with any further news of its anticipated sequel. [AGB via VG247]

Xbox Creator to Leave Microsoft?

From Killzone 3 Leaked Details to the Eyes of Allard - News Roundup 22rd May 2010

J Allard (yeah, that's his legal name), the brains behind the original Xbox and the Zune, may be leaving Microsoft after his latest pet project was canned by the execs upstairs. Allard oversaw the entirety of the Xbox's design and engineering department and was absolutely instrumental in Microsoft's first foray into the console marketplace. Not only that, but he also ran the development of the Zune (which could've been a heavyweight MP3 contender if it wasn't for the restrictive music licenses)- essentially, J Allard was the heart and soul of Microsoft. After all, he's both their Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer!

However, Microsoft recently canned the Courier: a jawdroppingly sexy touchscreen tablet that blends an indispensable work tool with a powerful gaming platform... and apparently this has stretched their relationship to breaking point. Citing serious disagreements with MS boss Steve Ballmer, Allard has taken a "sabbatical" and is "unlikely to return to Microsoft".

We have yet to gain official confirmation at this stage, but we hope that Microsoft won't be losing yet another prolific innovator. To be honest, there can't be that many left... [ZDNet]

Crackdown 2 gets Animated Series

From Killzone 3 Leaked Details to the Eyes of Allard - News Roundup 22rd May 2010

We can't wait to deliver our own brand of explosive justice to the gangbangers and freaks of Pacific City- but it appears that the old neighborhood has really gone downhill since we cleaned it up last time around. To explain how all of our hard work in the original Crackdown went entirely to waste,a 5-part cartoon series will be filling in the gaps. Voiced by the legendary Michael McConnohie (who's VA credentials make Nolan North look like a rank amateur), the miniseries ought to answer a few pertinent questions as well as drum up a fair bit of excitement for Ruffian's upcoming title. The series will be running each week for the next month.

Watch the video, agent. Skills for kills!

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