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From Red Dead Banhammer to EA Taliban Firestorm - News Roundup 23rd August 2010

Jonathan Lester
Banhammer, EA, Hack, Medal Of Honor, Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

EA Will Not Bow To Medal of Honor Controversy

From Red Dead Banhammer to EA Taliban Firestorm - News Roundup 23rd August 2010

EA's decision to let gamers play as Taliban insurgents in the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot has been causing a considerable amount of controversy, with even UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox urging retailers to boycott the game. In no uncertain terms, Fox has called out the title as unpatriotic and disrespectful. [Yahoo News]

"I am disgusted and angry. It's hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product."

EA, however, are remaining resolute in the face of this incoming fire- and are very reasonably pointing out that they ought to be free to tell an Afghanistan war story without needless restrictions that doesn't affect other media.

“At EA we passionately believe games are an artform, and I don’t know why films and books set in Afghanistan don’t get flack, yet [games] do. Whether it’s Red Badge Of Courage or The Hurt Locker, the media of its time can be a platform for the people who wish to tell their stories. Games are becoming that platform." - EA Games president Frank Gibeau [Develop Online]

Good points all, but at the end of the day, any publicity is good publicity. Where do you stand on the issue? Drop us a line in the comments!

Hackers Beware: Red Dead Banhammer Hits Tomorrow

From Red Dead Banhammer to EA Taliban Firestorm - News Roundup 23rd August 2010

Got yourself a hacked Red Dead Redemption save file? Well I'd get rid of it smartish- because Rockstar are giving you fair warning.

Tomorrow, Rockhammer will be banning users with hacked multiplayer save files outright- and singleplayer saves that boost experience points will be removed from leaderboards.

To avoid the coming storm, hacked save files will need to be deleted today- and you'll need to start a new game and reach McFarlane's ranch to retain your Social Club cheats. Multiplayer gamers will need to complete a single game or Gang hideout. You have been officially warned.

Chart Update: Kane & Lynch Top, Modern Warfare Highest Ever

From Red Dead Banhammer to EA Taliban Firestorm - News Roundup 23rd August 2010

It's time to take a look at this month's sales figures- and it seems that IO's two foulmouthed killers are bringing home the bacon. While we felt that Kane & Lynch 2 could have been a lot better in the full review, the duo have secured first place in the multiplatform charts.

Despite calls for boycotts after the Infinity Ward debacle, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the best selling UK game of all time. It's passed the milestone set by Kawashima's Brain Training in only 41 weeks... compared to 36 months that Brain Training took to overtake GTA San Andreas.

In other news, Sniper: Ghost Warrior managed to claw an impressive 13th place in the UK sales charts. Considering its less-than-stellar reviews (even from us), this is a real coup for City Interactive. [Gamesindustry]

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Dan  Aug. 23, 2010 at 17:22

lol, Activision get the fastest selling game ever and yet they're determined to wring more cash out of us by including multiplayer codes in the new one and talking about premium subscriptions... Yeah, they must have really suffered financially given these atrocious sales figures.


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