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From Cole Reversal to More Hitman Heartbreak - News Roundup 23rd July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Halo: Reach | Infamous 2

New Hitman for 2011 Rumours Resurface... Again

From Cole Reversal to More Hitman Heartbreak - News Roundup 23rd July 2010

This has been a truly frustrating week for Hitman fans. New promotional artwork released by Great Graphics design studio seemed to confirm that a new Hitman game was on the way in 2011, but these rumours were soon completely squashed by Square Enix. Apparently these beautiful new posters were just a proof of concept for the studio's portfolio... and that seemed to be that.

However, Eurogamer has ostensibly discovered that a new multiplatform Hitman title is indeed in development and is scheduled "at the very earliest Christmas next year". It's definitely a case of confidential sources and retailer predictions at this stage- but they tend to be right about this sort of thing. Rumours have been flying around since 2007... and it's about time that our favourite slapheaded contract killer gets another next-gen outing. [Eurogamer]

You ready for a new Hitman game? Need some more Codename 47 in your life? Disappointed by the abortive rumours earlier in the week? Know something we don't? Drop us a line in the comments!

Halo Reach @ Comic-Con: New Firefight, New Forge, New 360 Bundle

From Cole Reversal to More Hitman Heartbreak - News Roundup 23rd July 2010

Bungie's Comic-Con presence has revealed a couple of new game modes, vastly improved level editor and a seriously impressive console bundle.

Firstly, the new Firefight cooperative gametype has been gifted a couple of variants. 'Gruntocalypse' will allow us to team up and take down an endless set of grunts (headshots, headshots, headshots!), and new 'Versus Firefight' will let us take join the Covenant team to shake up the experience. No news on whether the skulls will become optional point-scoring opportunities yet, but here's hoping...

Secondly (and more excitingly), Halo's Forge level editor has been given a massive new makeover. Along with a vastly increased budget, range of physics options and new objects, there's an enormous freeform level to play with. Dubbed Forge World, this enormous stage includes rolling hills, tight arenas, indoor areas and plenty of scope for building any combination of structures and bases. It resembles LittleBigPlanet rather than a traditional FPS... but don't take my word for it.

Finally, Bungie has revealed that a limited edition Reach-branded Xbox 360 "S" will also be available at launch, bundled with a copy of the game, two wireless controllers, a wireless headset, limited edition in-game armour and an episode of Halo Legends. This bundle will apparently set us back £249.99; which actually presents fairly good value considering the extra controller and game included in the package. [Electronic Theatre]

Cole Back Back to His Old Self for inFamous 2

From Cole Reversal to More Hitman Heartbreak - News Roundup 23rd July 2010

Sucker Punch has confirmed that Cole will be reverting back to his original character design for inFamous 2. After the hairy, smug, tattooed new look was shouted down by a massive fan backlash, it appears that Cole will be swinging by his barbers for a good shave and a hefty dose of grit.

Whilst IGN have apparently laid eyes on the new... old... let's call it classic character design, we don't have any pictures yet. Luckily, we do have some first-look footage of the comic-style cutscenes. We're looking forward to getting our hands on this one. [Thanks, IGN]

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