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From 18 Zergless Months To PSP Returns - News Roundup 24th October 2010

Jonathan Lester
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SC2 Heart Of The Swarm To Hit "After" 2011

From 18 Zergless Months To PSP Returns - News Roundup 24th October 2010

That'll be 2012 in plain English, then. Speaking to IGN at BlizzCon, Starcraft 2's Lead Producer Chris Sigaty confirmed that we'll probably have to wait over 18 months before the Zerg campaign expansion finally hits the shelves. [IGN]

This is an astoundingly long time to wait for the next campaign, though the decision has been made on the back of a promise to deliver "waves and waves" of new Starcraft 2 content over the next year... as well as the revelation that the Zerg are by far the least popular playable faction (weighing in at a puny 23.5%). This strongly suggests that there are plenty of perceived balance issues that Blizzard will need to urgently address in order to make the exoskeletal horrors more fun to command.

Can Blizzard afford to wait this long? Can you wait this long? Have your say in the comments!

Free Front Mission Evolved DLC Deploys Next Week

From 18 Zergless Months To PSP Returns - News Roundup 24th October 2010

I must admit to getting rather angry at Double Helix's take on the Front Mission universe in my full review, but Front Mission Evolved players will be able to download some supplementary downloadable content next week. The first of which will reportedly be free "as a small thank you for your support so far."

Weapons Pack 1 will deliver a new machinegun, shotgun and rifle for use in the singleplayer campaign; and the following paid updates will add a grab bag of new mechs. Quite frankly I'd pay top dollar for a voice acting overhaul, but we've gotta make the best of it. [Front Mission Evolved via Siliconera]

New Survey Outs PSP As UK's Most Returned Gadget

From 18 Zergless Months To PSP Returns - News Roundup 24th October 2010

Sony's PSP may be enjoying a Japanese sales renaissance in the wake of the phenomenally-popular Monster Hunter and God Eater franchises, but a new survey suggests that things aren't anywhere near as rosy on this side of the globe. The new poll of 1833 consumers (commissioned by UK site myvouchercodes) has suggests that the handheld console 6.2% of all UK electronic returns, soundly beating both the iPad and Xbox 360. 34% of all UK returns cite 'disappointment' as the primary reason. If you're thinking about picking one up for Christmas, you might want to keep the receipt somewhere safe... [Gamesindustry]

However, myvouchercodes have refused to reveal their research methodology... and I've been in this game long enough to smell a rat. To this end, we'd like to conduct a little survey of our own. Have you returned your PSP? Are you disappointed by Sony's handheld-or are you still enjoying its premium selection of big-budget titles? Let us know below!

New Back To The Future Trailer Debuts Marty McFly VA

From 18 Zergless Months To PSP Returns - News Roundup 24th October 2010

Telltale Games have released a behind-the-scenes trailer for their upcoming original Back To The Future adventure. Whilst the art style might be a little divisive, there's no doubt that they've found the perfect voice talent for Marty McFly. Enjoy! [Thanks, GT]

Back To The Future is slated for a December release, and will tell a brand new story set six months after the events of Back To The Future III. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one. You gotta double back, my friend!

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Sam  Oct. 24, 2010 at 17:31

I can sya I most certainly have not returned my PSP. It may be a bit dead in sales, but this year's software lineup has been possibly better than any other console. Peace Walker, KH:BBS and Valkyria Chronicles 2? Yes please.

Gunn  Oct. 24, 2010 at 18:27

Havent returned a PSP but have bought 3 of them, think the 2000 is my fave. Its been getting a lot of use lately with MGS and Kingdom Hearts.

The VA for MJF was really good, I hadn't realised there were BTTF games coming out, must find out more.

Jonathan Lester  Oct. 24, 2010 at 18:38

You've actually brought up an important point: we have to wonder if the survey included trade-ins for subsequent models, as well as the disastrous PSP Go. Frankly we'll need to pore over the details before totally buying into their results.

I've still got my original PSP 1000, for the record- though regulars will know that I have mixed feelings about the current state of the console. More third party support, please!

fanpages  Oct. 25, 2010 at 07:47

My kids have three PSPs [2000 series] between them.

I have two PSP-3000s, a PSP-2000, & two PSP-1000 models (one of which is Japanese, the other a UK model). I also have a PSPgo.

I have not returned any electronic goods in last year.

I wonder if the quantities of returns take into account all those bought pre-owned or those where the owner was 'disappointed' within the last 12 months because they intended to replace the official System Software on their device with "custom firmware" but found this was not possible due to the model of PSP they purchased or because of the date of manufacture of the hardware upon opening the battery compartment.

The lack of a Universal Media Disc drive within the PSPgo will no doubt contribute to the figures quoted, although the newest model in the PlayStation Portable range does not generate the highest percentage of sales of the console anyway.

I expect that the cost of downloading PSP titles to any of the brand (primarily the PSPgo) will be the single most contributing factor. A majority of the PlayStation Store prices are set to not be competitive with typical (high street, or online) outlets by design so that the existing retailers retain an incentive to continue to sell the hardware (for the higher profit-per-unit software items). Also, the limited selection of downloadable titles, compared to the back catalogue of Universal Media Disc-based products, and in contrast to the larger selection available in other territories, is likely to disappoint those that purchased a PSP[go] expecting to be able to continue playing the same titles enjoyed across the predecessors in Sony's handheld console range.

A survey of 1,833 consumers who visit one web site is not conclusion proof of anything other than the ability of journalist sensationalism redirecting Internet traffic for the benefit of site owners.




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