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From Max Anarchy To More Pachter Posturing - News Roundup 26th Janurary 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Dead Space 2

Pachter: Gamers' Voice Are "Crybabies"

From Max Anarchy To More Pachter Posturing - News Roundup 26th Janurary 2011

A few days ago, we reported that UK gaming watchdog Gamers' Voice had listened to grievances about Black Ops' PS3 performance and were preparing to pressure Trading Standards for a full investigation. However, 'celebrity' analyst Michael Pachter has other ideas. In an interview with IncGamers, Pachter decried the organisation as "crybabies" and that we insinuating that we should just put up with bug-ridden titles.

[Gamer's Voice] sound like a crybaby to me.

All games are buggy, some more so than others. Have you tried Fallout: New Vegas? Buggiest game ever. I suppose this helps to explain why the game sold only 20 million copies instead of 25 million, and why it received only a 90 metacritic rating instead of 95. (Sarcasm intended)

Gamers' voice have naturally responded in kind, stating that the comments are "inaccurate and insulting to computer and video game consumers." [SFG]

I have to remain strictly impartial on this issue, so I couldn't possibly suggest that Mr. Pachter should shut the hell up, stop attacking an organisation that addresses legitimate consumer concerns and get back to his spreadsheets. Nope. No way I could suggest that.

Platinum Games Announce Max Anarchy For 2011 Release

From Max Anarchy To More Pachter Posturing - News Roundup 26th Janurary 2011

Scans of this month's Famitsu magazine have revealed that Platinum Games (the studio behind Vanquish and Bayonetta) are set to deliver their latest title this autumn. Entitled Max Anarchy, the project is reported to be a shooter designed for large-scale online multiplayer battles. The scans also reveal that it stars (at least in part), the chainsaw-armed protagonist from the ultraviolent cult Wii hit MadWorld. Jack's back.

Apparently Max Anarchy has been in development for two years now, and we'll bring you the latest as we hear it. [Andriasang]

Dead Space 2: Severed Confirmed For XBLA & PSN

From Max Anarchy To More Pachter Posturing - News Roundup 26th Janurary 2011

Dead Space 2 will hit European shelves in two days time, but not content to rest on their laurels, EA have confirmed that a standalone spin-off will soon make its way to the downloadable marketplace. Dead Space 2: Severed focuses on two characters from (the cruelly-underrated) Dead Space: Extraction, with a story that runs parallel to the events in the full game. We can't wait to see how Gabe and Lexine get out of the Sprawl!

No release or pricing details as yet, but EA have confirmed that it will not make an appearance on the PC. PSN and XBLA only, I'm afraid. [VG247]

Capcom Readying Two Huge Titles For 2011

From Max Anarchy To More Pachter Posturing - News Roundup 26th Janurary 2011

We've danced this dance before (in fact, this time last year), but nevertheless, Capcom's Jun Takeuchi has announced that they have two huge new titles in the works that are set for a pre-summer announcement. Which basically means that we'll need to wait until E3.

Gentlemen, start your theorising. [Andriasang]

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bob  Jan. 26, 2011 at 18:29

Patcher is a tool, hes the biggest tool in the industry right next to bobby kotick. If you listen to half the things HE says you'd call him a crybaby too.

I can at least salute gamers voice in making an effort to get something done as the issue is becoming too dominant in games these days, blatantly rushed out of the door in a buggy mess.
More than I can say for patcher who sits there making crack pot predictions which for the majority are wrong or misguided. I wish he'd just shut up and go away and take his ramblings somewhere else.

Jonathan Lester  Jan. 27, 2011 at 08:59

If we ignore him long enough, he might go away.

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