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From New MGS Series to Sony's Good Spot - News Roundup 27th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Halo: Reach

Metal Gear Rising to Kickstart New Metal Gear Series?

From New MGS Series to Sony's Good Spot - News Roundup 27th June 2010

MGS Rising blew us away at E3 with its phenomenal gameplay trailer (dare I say, it cut through most of the competition that day), but we were unclear both on whether it was to be a single spinoff - and where it was to slot into the labyrinthine MGS canon. Our second question was answered fairly quickly, but more excitingly, its producer has confirmed that Rising is set to start a series of its very own.

“MGS Rising is not a side story. We’re aiming for two Metal Gear Solids, making a series out of another standard.”- Shigenobu Matsuyama

Awesome. Whilst Raiden certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, there's huge scope for fleshing out his side of the story. Though the MGS canon needs a good pruning rather than fleshing out, in my opinion... [VG247]

Bungie Considered Making Halo 4 Instead of Reach

From New MGS Series to Sony's Good Spot - News Roundup 27th June 2010

Hated the way Halo 3 ended? Desperate to know what happened to our favourite cyborg and his holographic gal pal? According to Bungie, things could have been very different. Bungie's Brian Jarrard has confirmed that Bungie almost continued the Halo Saga from where Halo 3 left off instead of wrapping things up with a prequel.

"Even before the idea to build a game based around Reach came about, a lot of other concepts were explored, up to and including a proper 'Halo 4,' where Master Chief was going to wake up from cryo-sleep and we were going to tell that story," - Brian Jarrard

From what we've seen (and played) of Halo Reach, we're convinced that they've made the right decision. Besides, it's up to Frank O'Connor and 343 Industries to take over Bungie's fairly impressive mantle and deliver the next trilogy in their own right. Frankly, we really need to see them deliver something a bit more substantial than animated shorts... and anime shorts. [Joystiq]

Sony: In a "Good Spot," Sets Sights on Console Wars Victory

From New MGS Series to Sony's Good Spot - News Roundup 27th June 2010

After a wildly successful E3, it must feel pretty good to be in Sony's shoes right now. Just ask Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde, who's more than happy to talk about the strong position that the technology juggernaut is now enjoying. He currently believes that the PS3's install base can catch up to and overtake the Xbox 360 thanks to the upcoming Playstation Move with over 40 publishers lined up in support. When asked if the PS3 could overtake the 360, Rohde replied:

“We certainly hope that’s going to be the case. We are confident that we have a huge amount of momentum and we see that from all of our partners in the industry at retail and third party partners. The buzz is about where the PS3 is headed in the future, and I truly believe that future-proof message is a big part of that. So we’re very confident that we’re in a very good spot right now. And our partners are echoing that sentiment back to us.”

Them's fighting words, Scott. Considering that we're about half way through each console's life cycle, this next year is absolutely critical for deciding the victor of the 'console wars'. [via Industrygamers]

Fighting words from Sony- but can they deliver? Have your say in the comments!

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