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From Euro Qriocity to Black Ops MP Blowout - News Roundup 2nd September 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sony To Bring Qriocity To Europe

From Euro Qriocity to Black Ops MP Blowout - News Roundup 2nd September 2010

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but now Qriocity is gunning for bigger game. iTunes. Sony will be launching their digital distribution platform for music, video and even e-books in Europe by the end of the year, with designs on getting a slice of the lucrative download pie.

"We are excited to offer our customers high quality, cloud-based entertainment experiences across many of Sony's network-enabled devices. Services 'powered by Qriocity' will revolutionize the way that users play, listen, watch, share, communicate, learn, discover and create their digital entertainment content."- Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai, President of Sony's Networked Products & Services Group

This bizarrely named platform (which is a nightmare for spellcheckers everywhere) be rolling out for PS3s, Bravia televisions and VAIO PCs in the UK and four other European countries. [PS3 Center]

Treyarch Unleashes Black Ops Multiplayer Details

From Euro Qriocity to Black Ops MP Blowout - News Roundup 2nd September 2010

Treyarch and Activision has finally shot the lid off Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer features. A lot is riding on the successor to Modern Warfare 2 (with Activision keen to improve on its predecessor's record-breaking sales figures)... and whilst we'll still be able to kill people with big guns for points and rank, there are a fair few major differences this time around.

First of all, a new currency system has been introduced. Known as COD Points (insert fish joke here), this cash can be used to purchase specialised challenges or actually gamble on high-stakes player matches. Known as "Wager" matches, these games are sure to be far more personal and intense than anything we've seen in Call of Duty before. The trailer (below) demonstrates various new game modes, including a "sticks and stones" gametype that limits armaments to crossbows and knives; and the insane "One In The Chamber" experience that looks to be incredibly tense. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video's got to be worth checking out. [Courtesy of VG247]

Gun customisation has been kicked up a notch: with players now able to trick out their beloved boomsticks with skins, clan tags and logos as well as the usual gamut of modifications. Last but definitely not least, a new botmatch option will also allow cautious players to learn the maps and gain some valuable practise without damaging their all-important victory ratio.

Oh, and there's going to be an actual, factual minigun. Brutal.

We're absolutely psyched for Black Ops' multiplayer... but do you want to know more about the singleplayer? Why not check out my Gamescom impressions of two Vietnam-themed levels!

First Resi 6 Info Coming "Soon"; May Have Move/Kinect Support

From Euro Qriocity to Black Ops MP Blowout - News Roundup 2nd September 2010

Resident Evil 5 provided a critically acclaimed new focus for the series, but proved incredibly divisive with fans . In a new interview with Spanish gaming site 3D Juegos, Resi producer Keiji Inafune stated that Capcom would "soon" be releasing some juicy details about the next game in the series.

Details are very thin on the ground this stage, but we know that Jun Takeuchi was angling for a franchise reboot. Unfortunately he now won't have anything to do with Resident Evil 6- so it's anybody's guess. Yes, that is an invitation.

The interview went on to discuss Inafune's opinions about on Playstation Move and Kinect, which prompted the producer to offer the following tidbit:

"Both [devices] will not be necessary for the players, but will offer many possibilities. As with Resident Evil 6, soon will have news about it ..."

[3D Juegos]

What do you want from Resident Evil 6? Have your say (and drop off your wish list) in the comments!

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Gunn  Sep. 2, 2010 at 16:03

That's a bold move to challenge iTunes, but good luck to them. Don't think much of the name though.


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