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From RUSE's Smooth Move to the Miners' Relief - News Roundup 30th August 2010

Jonathan Lester
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New Move Trailers Show off Swords, Stretchy Faces and Working R.U.S.E. Controls

From RUSE's Smooth Move to the Miners' Relief - News Roundup 30th August 2010

Sony has released a new tech demo for Playstation Move. Virtual swords, giant hands, stretchy avatar faces and a Minority Report-esque interface all make an appearance... but two minutes in, the we get to see a demo of a generic RTS build working with the peripheral. And I mean, really working. Enjoy. [via VG247]

The fidelity demonstrated throughout the tech demo is extremely impressive, but I'm still personally unconvinced that the Playstation Move currently offers anything that the Wiimote (with Motion Plus) can't do. Still, if it can finally fix the problem of console RTS controls, it'll certainly make a believer out of me... and it will if the following demo from iWaggle is to be believed. [iWaggle3D]

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Dead Rising: Case 0 Delayed? No. [Updated]

From RUSE's Smooth Move to the Miners' Relief - News Roundup 30th August 2010

The Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable prequel for Dead Rising 2 was originally set for a September 3rd release, but the Japanese and American version has unfortunately been delayed due to a mysterious content issue. Apparently the trial version contains elements that aren't appropriate for a free demo... whatever that means. Your guess is as good as mine.

Case 0's story takes place three years before the start of Dead Rising 2, and chronicles Chuck's' escape from Las Vegas. There'll doubtlessly be some juicy backstory to catch up on, but apparently any earned experience and cash will be carried over into the main game. Capcom haven't announced a new release date- but naturally we'll keep you updated once we hear anything about the PAL version.

Update: Capcom has confirmed that only the Japanese version has been delayed- and we should be on course for a 3rd September release. [via Kotaku]

Trapped Chilean Miners Get PSPs

From RUSE's Smooth Move to the Miners' Relief - News Roundup 30th August 2010

33 Chilean miners have been trapped 2300 feet below ground level for the last fortnight- and due to the extreme depth of the mine, they'll be there for several months more. Daily essentials can only be delivered down a narrow pipe within a plastic cup, but apparently Sony's handheld will be going deeper underground along with the regular supplies.

Whilst it's easy to point out a few flaws in this plan... such as the PSP's annoyingly short battery life compared to the projected 3-4 months of subterranean captivity... anything that can possibly help these poor guys deal with their awful predicament has got to be worth a shot.

Either that, or Sony's decided to proactively start burying the PSP.

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