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From Final Fantasy's Four Decades to Gamestation Pawnshops - News Roundup 31st May 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Mass Effect 3

Final Fantasy VII HD Would Take 40 Years To Make

From Final Fantasy's Four Decades to Gamestation Pawnshops - News Roundup 31st May 2010

Every once in a while, another tenuous rumour about the supposed Final Fantasy VII remake comes along... and gets dashed hopelessly to pieces. It's like Sony and Square take genuine pleasure out of dangling a tiny, wispy shred of hope in front of their longtime fans and shredding it before their eyes. Which is a damn shame, because it's something we want.

The latest coffin nail comes courtesy of FFVII Producer Yoshinori Kitase, who's stated that the remake would take an inordinate amount of time to get just right.

“To make FFXIII at this level of quality, it took us 3 to 4 years. If we were to make FFVII in the same style of FFXIII, it would take 10 times as long, so it would be difficult to take it up immediately. However, we always keep in mind how often this is requested.”

So, using some basic maths, we can expect the remastering to take 40 years. Whilst Yoichi Wada (Square's head honcho) promises to "explore a remake, I wouldn't hold your breath. [Andriasang]

Gamestation Initiates Pawn-Shop Style Trading Scheme

From Final Fantasy's Four Decades to Gamestation Pawnshops - News Roundup 31st May 2010

High street stores traditionally allow you to trade in your old games and consoles for cash or credit- but Gamestation are taking things to the next level. Cash trade-ins will now be held for 28 days, allowing you to buy back your games at a later date if your luck changes (or you find yourself regretting trading in your favourite titles). You'll need to be over 18 and bring valid ID to take advantage of the scheme.

I can personally see this service becoming extremely popular- especially in student towns. Being able to sell a console and games collection to make when times are tough and potentially buy it back later is a great idea, and Gamestation will provide standardised prices in contrast with most typical pawnshops (who'll tend to offer a subjective price). Expect it to spread to other stores if the launch proves successful. [M2G]

Co-Op Headed to Mass Effect 3?

From Final Fantasy's Four Decades to Gamestation Pawnshops - News Roundup 31st May 2010

The Mass Effect franchise has been gradually shedding its RPG skin to reveal a third person shooter with a fantastic storyline... and you know what all third-person games need these days, don't you? Co-op, thats what. According to a Linkedin job description (now deleted, but can be viewed here), Bioware is recruiting a Mulitplayer Programmer for the Mass Effect franchise. Whilst it's possible that this refers to Bioware's online social website, it's more likely that they're planning to introduce some form of online multiplayer to Mass Effect 3.

This is all rumours at this stage- but it all adds up. John Schappert promised that something "far reaching" was heading to Mass Effect this year, and Bioware Boss Ray Muzyka promised to look into Mass Effect and Dragon Age multiplayer last November.

Personally, I've actually been craving Mass Effect Cooperative play... but I'd prefer non-canonical Spec Ops-style missions or a standalone title that that allows ME characters to be imported. Stories simply can't be told properly in in co-op games unless they're streamlined and simple- which is the polar opposite of everything the franchise stands for. [VG247]

Cooperative play has been making a recent resurgence- but not everyone's falling in line behind its banner. Some players crave cooperative play, yet others believe that it takes valuable time and manpower away from the singleplayer experience. Where do you stand? Have your say in the comments!

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Gunn  May. 31, 2010 at 16:18

SE seem to be contradicting themselves, I'm sure I read before that they said during the making of FFXIII, they learned so much that they would be able to repeat the process in much less time. I thought it was the case that remakes were quicker to do, because you do not have to take time to develop story/battle system etc. It's just time doing the environments, models etc and of course FFVII would have voices now. but if FFVII remake took 3-4 years, I'd happily wait for that, maybe in time for its 20th anniversary lol

Matt Gardner  May. 31, 2010 at 17:00

I wish developers would stop trying to please everyone. I couldn't care less about multiplayer in Mass Effect. In fact it's actually got me a little angry. There are plenty of games already out there for that sort of thing, games built from the ground up for a co-op experience. ME 1 and 2 don't belong in that category.

I agree with you to a certain extent, a standalone mode would be absolutely fine, but not to the detriment of the single-player experience. I'd much rather rest safe in the knowledge that Bioware are focusing all of their considerable talent on delivering a masterpiece finale to this trilogy rather than being distracted by multiplayer elements.

I still haven't quite forgiven them for making The Old Republic (or rather what should have been KOTOR 3) into a f**king MMO!

Matt Gardner  May. 31, 2010 at 17:04

I think it's more a case of them making excuses. They just don't really want to do it. It can't really be for financial reasons because you'd think it was a no-brainer...they'd make buckets of money. Mind you, I can't really blame them. Much as I'd love to see them go back and deliver FFVII in HD I can see it taking a while...although not 40 years. The Virtual Boy 2 will be back by then, although it would come with intravenous vitamins and minerals and a catheter.

Jonathan Lester  May. 31, 2010 at 17:15

@ Gunn: I agree. Square loves giving its hardcore fanbase a little bit of hope only to completely contradict themselves down the line. My current theory is that they're running some sort of twisted psychological experiment on the effects of severe stockholm syndrome.

DragonChris  May. 31, 2010 at 17:28

I was thinking the other day that I would happily pay to play FFVII if revamped with the latest engine, but same old storyline and materia system. Obviously it would have to be multiplatform so I could play on the Xbox :p

Hell, I'd happily pay to play FF7 as it is on X360 >.< Come on Square, tell Sony to go screw with the exclusivity and line your pockets!

Jonathan Lester  May. 31, 2010 at 17:34

I can see the Mass Effect universe as being a great canvas for a stripped-down shooter somewhere along the line- but there's simply no way to tell a great story in a co-op game. Do remember, though, this is just a mixture of rumours, smoke and mirrors at this stage. It's likely that Bioware are just experimenting with the concept's viability at present.

On the flipside, though, I'd love to show off my lovingly-created character build into a multiplayer environment. The mix of tanks, snipers and biotic 'mages' provides a varied class pool to team up and take down some collectors. But yes, anything that could possibly distract Bioware from its singleplayer focus is probably a bad idea.

TheIllegitimateSonofGunn  May. 31, 2010 at 21:13

The Gamestation pawn shop idea sounds novel, provided you get your stuff back in the same condition you sold it to them in!

Scratched cases/disks and manuals with dog ears are the order of the day at Gamestation, even on games sold as NEW.


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