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From Legal Brawling to Sony's Firmware Apology - News Roundup 3rd August 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Sony Apologises for Firmware Failure; Releases Fix

From Legal Brawling to Sony's Firmware Apology - News Roundup 3rd August 2010

Firmware update 3.41 hit last week, but a number of PS3 owners have reported a disturbing tendency for the patch to freeze mid-download and effectively brick their consoles. Sony has now released a fix for the download and apologised for the inconvenience.

"If you are experiencing such symptoms when replacing the HDD of your PS3 system, we kindly ask you to use the latest data and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support"- James Gallagher, Sony Blog Manager

The update was intended to bring video recommendations to the PSN- and seems like a tiny upgrade to have warranted its own firmware patch. With any luck, Sony will revert to larger, more worthwhile firmware updates with improved quality control. [EU Playstation Blog]

Did you fall victim to these firmware woes? Let us know how Sony's customer service treated you and share your stories in the comments!

Warning: Battle.net Accounts Being Stolen

From Legal Brawling to Sony's Firmware Apology - News Roundup 3rd August 2010

MMORPGs tend to attract an undesirable element of fraudsters, phishers, scammers and shills: and Blizzard's Battle.net is a common target for these filthy scum. According to numerous reports, a new phishing scam is capitalising on Starcraft II hype in order to steal account information.

Here's how it's going down. Battle.net users are receiving emails purporting to be from Blizzard offering free Starcraft II CD keys for either "loyalty" or providing a fake shopping receipt. These emails link to a fairly impressive Battle.net mockup with space to enter your account details for the free game- which of course results in identity theft and a fair amount of embarrassment. To counter this, simply remember that Blizzard very rarely contact their members directly by email- and only do so from an @blizzard.com or @battle.net account. They're certainly not in the habit of giving out free games.

The best defence is common sense. Remember: there's no such thing as a free lunch, and it's usually impossible to get something for nothing. Oh, unless it's one of our awesome deals, that is (quoth Jon, modestly). [Siliconera]

Top Gun is Too Close For Missiles, Switching to August 17th

From Legal Brawling to Sony's Firmware Apology - News Roundup 3rd August 2010

Paramount has announced that the official downloadable Top Gun game will be hitting PSN on the 17th of August. Expect 16-player online dogmatches, a script penned by Jack Epps Jr. (who wrote the original film) and a whole mess of suspiciously macho adrenaline-fueled flight action.

Oh, and Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone has been licensed for the soundtrack... thus making this a thing that we want. Take my breath away!

EA Sued by 6000 Retirees, Kotick Loses Legal Battle

From Legal Brawling to Sony's Firmware Apology - News Roundup 3rd August 2010

Lawsuits are great fun... provided that we get to observe them as a cynical outsider. They provide a much-needed dose of controversy, drama and scandal into an industry dominated by bland press releases and PR speak- and we've got a couple to bring to your attention.

6000 retired American Football players have filed a suit against EA for using their likenesses Madden NFL 09 without permission. Whilst they don't explicitly appear in the game (different names, natch), the veterans are arguing that their likenesses and uniforms were aped while they were still active sportsmen. They're seeking reparations for "blatant and prolific infringement," though they haven't mentioned a number yet. [Gamesindustry]

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Activision boss Bobby Kotick has had to shell out over 1 million dollars in unpaid legal fees after a failed appeals court bid to reduce the amount. Following a juicy sexual harassment scandal in Kotick's shared private jet that resulted in a successful case against a number of parties, the controversial publishing mogul has been involved in a fierce legal battle against one of the States' toughest attorneys. You can read up on the sexual harassment case and subsequent knock-down legal brawl at LA Times, but many gamers may be pleased to see the controversial boss taken down a peg or two.

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Spark  Aug. 3, 2010 at 17:19

Sony's testing and version control for the PS3 is amongst the worst I have ever come across and I think that if those responsible were working for any other company then they likely would have been fired by now.

Gunn  Aug. 4, 2010 at 11:53

Worse than MS?

Matt Gardner  Aug. 4, 2010 at 12:35

Amen to that Mr Gunn

ODB  Aug. 4, 2010 at 12:53

Say what you will about the 360 yet no software has caused a problem before AFAIK yet another software problem on the PS3.

I dont get what the constant software problems are tbh...why do they have this problem, that other one that took every phat offline for a day etc? Do they not test properly?

PSN or one of its many parts is regularly down (inc Home etc), yet 360 is rare and usually anounced. Last time PSN was scheduled to go down I found out from here...why cant Sony send a mass-message out like MS do?

Matt Gardner  Aug. 4, 2010 at 13:07

Additionally, whilst my Xbox might occasionally explode, it's never been crippled by a leap year or pissed off the only military power in the world to have ever dropped the atomic bomb with a firmware update.

Jonathan Lester  Aug. 4, 2010 at 13:30

The furore around the 360's Red Ring of Death has allowed Sony to get away with extremely shoddy version checking and software support. Instead of fans massively kicking off when Sony firmware screws up, most simply say "well at least it didn't RROD."

Sony is a hardware company. Microsoft is a software company. And they both fail in exciting and different ways.

Mark  Aug. 4, 2010 at 13:57

"Instead of fans massively kicking off when Sony firmware screws up, most simply say “well at least it didn’t RROD.”"

That would of been fine trouble is they also had YLOD and the BRLOD on the PS3 Phats.

Gunn  Aug. 4, 2010 at 20:26

I'll take software issues over hardware anyday, least they can be fixed quickly and for free.


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