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From GT5's Big Package to the inFamous Naughty Dog - News Roundup 5th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gran Turismo 5 | Infamous 2

Square Confirms The 3rd Birthday European Release

From GT5's Big Package to the inFamous Naughty Dog - News Roundup 5th July 2010

Square have confirmed that their spiritual successor to the critically-acclaimed Parasite Eve series will receive a European release. Entitled "The 3rd Birthday," this PSP exclusive will allow Aya to return to New York and throw down on the horde of abominations with a mix of gunplay and strong RPG elements. A release window has not yet been revealed, but at least Square are giving us another valuable reason to keep our PSPs at the ready. [NowGamer]

Gran Turismo 5 Has a Really Big Package

From GT5's Big Package to the inFamous Naughty Dog - News Roundup 5th July 2010

Racing fanatics and PS3 owners have been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 for what seems like an eternity, but the hardcore faithful are going be be rewarded by two stonking collector's editions. Let slip by Sony's India boss, the long-awaited racer will feature a standard package, a collector's edition and a "really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game." This 'really big package' has been tentatively priced at around £150 by several retailers.

Considering that the Collector's Edition is already slated to contain a diecast model and a bunch of GT goodies, we're intrigued by what the 'really big package' might contain. Fuzzy dice? Driving goggles? [IndianVideoGamer]

Metacritic Report: Are Games Getting Better?...

From GT5's Big Package to the inFamous Naughty Dog - News Roundup 5th July 2010

Metacritic has released their twice-yearly report... and has revealed that 2010 has been an anomalously great year for aggregate review scores. Seven titles have received a metascore of over 90% and a further three have gone on to score over 95%. To put this in perspective, only Street Fighter IV had reached these giddy levels by this time last year. So, why is this?

There's no doubt that we're living in a gaming golden age. The fierce competition between the three big brands (especially Sony and Microsoft) has driven software standards to epic levels- in my opinion, even eclipsing the PC gaming renaissance of the mid 90s. Practically every title is at least playable and recognisable as a game... and frankly, we're damn lucky.

On the other hand, the question of reviewer 'softening' has been around for some time. 7s tend to dominate the gaming scene, with big sites shying away from the 4s and 5s in order to placate their belligerent fanboy audience. Luckily, we've got a good crowd here. Some of the bigger review sites (such as Famitsu magazine) have even been accused of accepting bribes or entering into conflicts of interest!

So... are games getting better? Or are we as reviewers getting too soft? Or are numerical scores becoming irrelevant in an age of touchy fanboys and pushy publishers? Have your say in the comments!

Sucker Punch thank Naughty Dog for inFamous Assistance

From GT5's Big Package to the inFamous Naughty Dog - News Roundup 5th July 2010

Whilst Guerrilla Games were quick to deny that Naughty Dog were helping out with Killzone 3, Sucker Punch have publicly thanked the high-profile developer for their inspiration and assistance with the  inFamous series.

“It’s great because it’s like getting feedback from somebody you trust and respect and you know has your best interests at heart...Testers don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do at the level that someone who spends all day, every day working on Uncharted can.”-  Sucker Punch's Brian Flemming, NowGamer interview

It's great to see developers working together like this to develop great titles without an agenda. Class act, Naughty Dog. [NowGamer]

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