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From MoH Smack Talk to Lights, Camera, Action! - News Roundup 6th May 2010

Jonathan Lester
Castlevania, Games news, Lost Planet, Medal Of Honor, PSN, Uncharted

Medal of Honor on the Offensive

From MoH Smack Talk to Lights, Camera, Action! - News Roundup 6th May 2010

Medal of Honor was once the premier historical shooter, but it's fallen on seriously hard times these last few years. However, EA Games president Frank Gibreau has come out swinging: declaring that MoH's forthcoming franchise reboot will put the series back on top.

“[We're] going to be in the Medal of Honor business for a long time. With [the upcoming] Medal of Honor, we’re rebooting the series to get into the top 10,”

"We want to be the worldwide leaders in the shooter category, full stop.”

Them's fighting words, Frank. We'll find out whether EA's all talk when the game launches on October 15th. [VG247]

PSN Overstimulated

From MoH Smack Talk to Lights, Camera, Action! - News Roundup 6th May 2010

The MW2 Stimulus Pack hit PSN yesterday... and hit it hard. Users have been reporting problems with wallet topups, downloading games and redeeming codes- but Sony's apparently aware of the problem and are currently sorting it out.

To be honest, Xbox Live experienced similar problems when the Stimulus Pack came out, and these issues will likely be rectified as the demand slacks off over the next day or two. [Playstation Blog]

Videogame Film News Roundup

From MoH Smack Talk to Lights, Camera, Action! - News Roundup 6th May 2010

Wow, loads of videogame film tie-in news today. Let's go to the movies!

  • David O. Russell, director of Three Kings and I Heart Hucklebees, is currently shortlisted to direct the upcoming Uncharted movie. Let's hope that he produces something resembling the former rather than the latter... [Wired]
  • Of all the potential game crossovers I'd like to see, Lost Planet doesn't figure anywhere near the top of the list. In fact, I couldn't really care about Capcom's by-the-numbers, cookie cutter franchise. Still, apparently the screenplay for a Lost Planet Movie is "coming along" according to its Producer, Ari Arad. It's also been given a budget of between $150 and $200 million, and will focus on Gale, the protagonist's father (rather than Wayne, the staggeringly dull walking cliche). My irrational apathy for the franchise aside- we could do with a big budget sci fi spectacle. [1UP]
  • MW2's Talent Director Keith Arem will be directing Frost Road, an upcoming horror film that promises to flip the traditional zombie premise on its head. Whilst he's spent 17 years in the games industry, he's also had extensive experience as a sound engineer and musician, working with the likes of Nine Inch Nails. He'll also be working with Respawn studios on their next project. [USA Today]
  • Creature designer Adam Sims will be knocking up some beasties (wait, what?) for an upcoming Castlevania movie. Whilst the project's currently on the back burner, the veteran FX designer has already been scouted to create some medusas and vampires...which won't be difficult considering that he's responsible for the Clash of the Titans and Wolverine. In fact, he's probably got more hands on medusa experience than any of the Belmont family! [Empire]

Why not have a gander at Brendan's recent list of game movie howlers and silver screen sins?

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Matt Gardner  May. 6, 2010 at 19:12

I can't see those movie tie-ins doing anything other than sucking...awfully.

Jonathan Lester  May. 6, 2010 at 19:20

I'm inclined to agree. More to the point: Uncharted and Lost Planet were designed to be 'cinematic' game experiences, so I'm slightly confused as to why a film adaptation's necessary in the first place...

Matt Gardner  May. 6, 2010 at 20:26

Exactly. I'm actually most disappointed about Uncharted; as you say, the whole game is designed to feel like you're playing a blockbuster. This smacks of a shameless cash-in and there's no need for it. One glance at the Tomb Raider movies should be enough of an argument for leaving this territory well alone.

I agree with your wish for a kickass big-budget sci-fi spectacle. The Star Trek reboot seems so long ago now.

Personally I'm holding out for Serenifly...the Firefly/Serenity mashup that reveals the backstory of Shepherd Book. Or, you know, maybe making the Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy of Star Wars books into a bunch of movies.

A Halo movie could be done, but it wouldn't involve the Chief. Maybe an ODST style story would work though. But they'd need Fillion...and Baldwin....which kinda just leads me back to Serenifly :D

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