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From Activision's PC Dreams to the Heroic DS - News Roundup 6th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Kotick Wants Consoles Replaced by TV-linked PCs

From Activision's PC Dreams to the Heroic DS - News Roundup 6th July 2010

I genuinely shudder when I imagine Bobby Kotick's dream of an Activision-friendly future. Nightmarish visions of  lava pits, hellgates and public executions of unfaithful creative developers all flash before my eyes... but apparently, the first thing he'd like is for the PC development scene to start flourishing again.

Comparing the console market to a "walled garden", the reviled industry figure surprised many pundits (including this one) by stating that Activision would make a lot more money by backing PC developers and developing for open platforms. Kotick suggests that streamlined gaming rigs with direct HDMI output for televisual use would revolutionise the industry... and, of course, make him even more money. To this end, he's even promised to financially back any manufacturer wiling to give it a go.

You know, this actually makes a lot of sense. Whilst my gut's telling me that this is some sort of diabolical Activision trap, I can see the benefits of TV-linked gaming PCs over consoles in the long run. What about you guys? [1UP]

Japanese Playstation Move Launch Lineup Revealed

From Activision's PC Dreams to the Heroic DS - News Roundup 6th July 2010

Sony has unveiled their Japanese Playstation Move launch lineup- as well as the forthcoming titles that will utilise the motion control peripheral. We've been given a September 15th release date for the controller itself here in the UK and can expect a similar selection of games.

  • EyePet
  • Sports Champion
  • Beat Sketch
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • Time Crisis Razing Storm
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Move compatibility patch)

Following the launch, we can expect several more titles to drop over the forthcoming months. These titles include Echochrome (November), The Fight: Lights Out (November), Motion Party (November) followed by Sorcery and Heroes on The Move in 2011.

Killzone 3, Hustle Kings, Heavy Rain and SOCOM 4 are also going to support Playstation move, though there's no official word on release/patch dates yet. [andriasang]

Looking forward to any of these titles in particular? Want to sing the praises of one we omitted? Or fancy ragging on the peripheral in general? Drop us a line in the comments!

Hero Child Saves Family With DS

From Activision's PC Dreams to the Heroic DS - News Roundup 6th July 2010

You know that videogames don't cause violence and turn our rosy-cheeked youth into slavering cannibalistic serial killers. I know that. In fact, almost everybody does- but there's an extremely vocal idiot minority that simply refuse to do their homework or accept responsibility themselves. If confronted by one of these idiots, might I suggest shoehorning the following news story into your argument?

According to the Bendigo Advertiser, a seven year old Australian child named Christopher was able to rescue his family from an overturned car by using his Nintendo DS as a torch, finding his mother's mobile phone and calling for help. The heroic kid subsequently helped one of his brothers out of the car and has been awarded a medal for bravery.

Sure, you could argue that the phone saved the family rather than the handheld... but then again, you can't use a book or a football as an emergency flashlight, can you?

Casting all videogame discussion and pointscoring aside, though, we applaud young Christopher and his quick thinking. Way to go, kid.

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