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From The Mecha MAWLR To Death On Arrival - News Roundup 6th November 2010

Jonathan Lester
Killzone 3, Kinect, MAWLR, Microsoft, News, PSP2, Sony
Killzone 3

Analyst: PSP2 & Handheld Market Is "Dead On Arrival"

From The Mecha MAWLR To Death On Arrival - News Roundup 6th November 2010

Sigh. I usually endeavour to keep Wedbush Morgan's wannabe-celebrity out of our news roundups, but every 0nce in a while, Michael Pachter does make an interesting point that's worth expanding upon. Speaking in the latest episode of his Pach Attack show, he prophesied that the PSP2 will completely fail... as well as the entire portable market as we know it.

We’re way approaching saturation on the handheld market. We’re starting to see DS hardware sales crack, I think the big woody of the iPod Touch is cutting into the handheld market, I think the PSP is dead on arrival and I think the PSP2 is going to be dead on arrival.

Pachter joined the growing segment of the pundit community who believe that mobile gaming and app-style sales models will soon dominate the handheld market. Apparently even the 3DS will only enjoy a brief moment in the sun before competition from Apple drives it into obscurity.

It looks to me like young kids are just as happy playing with an iPod Touch or a Nano. The Touch is cool, it plays games, plays music, they’re going to put a camera in it and you’re going to get all kinds of cool stuff.

It's far too soon to tell whether the PSP2 will fail, but we all ought to be concerned about the state of the handheld market. Do you support a portable console... or do you have an app for that? Have your say in the comments!

Microsoft Denies Kinect Shortage Accusations

From The Mecha MAWLR To Death On Arrival - News Roundup 6th November 2010

The left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is up to. Despite claiming supply strains and crying wolf at every opportunity, Microsoft has now denied claims of artificially inducing a Kinect shortage this holiday season. According to Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson, any problems are "a function of coming to market with a brand new innovation."

In an interview with GI, Thompson explained that Microsoft had the option between releasing in the new year with a supply surplus- missing Christmas in the process- or gearing up for a holiday season release and hoping that manufacuring would eventually catch up to demand.

We want to give people the product as soon as we can, but you can’t switch on the manufacturing like water. It takes time to scale. - Neil Thompson to GI

We'd be interested to know if you're having problems picking up a Kinect sensor... or if your local stores are full of 'em on the run up to Christmas.

Leaked Killzone 3 Footage Shows Epic Boss Battle

From The Mecha MAWLR To Death On Arrival - News Roundup 6th November 2010

Having played and previewed Killzone 3, we were more than a little excited about Guerrilla's upcoming FPS sequel... but a string of great holiday season releases knocked our enthusiasm off of the boil. Luckily, ten leaked minutes of singleplayer campaign footage has emerged and gotten us completely re-psyched. These ten minutes seem to be taken from somewhere in the middle of the game; featuring trench warfare, a little unimportant story and a massive boss battle with a honking great war machine. The titanic MAWLR is set to be a very nasty adversary...

This doesn't look like a final boss or anything particularly plot-related, but just in case, consider this a spoiler warning.

In other KZ3 news, analysis of the preview code suggests that split-screen multiplayer will be making an appearance in the final version. Which is good to know.

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Gunn  Dec. 6, 2010 at 22:57

Patcher failed to mention iPhone games are crap and only cost a few quid. I've no doubt Nintendo will have a successful handheld console for as long as they decide to keep making one. And with Sony perhaps they will go down the console/phone route.

Llost  Dec. 7, 2010 at 13:20

Lets be fair, he did say the PSP was dead on arrival right? Well the PSP sold over 60 million last time I checked and thats not bad for a first outing and something tells me there may be a slowdown in sales but there will always be people out there with money and interest in games which the Iphone has but not to the same degree as handheld consoles.
If anything the iphone is reaching saturation (not the ipad however considering its relatively new) so I think the truth is we'll see the iphone saturate or at least the buzz around it will have come march (3DS launch) or whenever PSP2 comes out as how long can you be buzzing about it so much that you won't look at other systems? This is also assuming all the old handheld install base suddenly stops buying handhelds which is ridiculously unlikely and the saturation of the DS is more likely attributed to the fact its sold almost 140 million so its damn popular (can't see all those fans dissapearing, even if 80 million decided to not then we'd still have 60 million in sales which is hardly dead on arrival) and these things can't just keep selling and keep selling as people who own them already have them of course and those that don't own one by now most likely were never interested as you can't appeal to everyone.


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